Thanksgiving 2020 Sale

webas wrote:
What is this "open beta micros". as in mtx from open beta? If yes then what are they?

That category includes most microtransactions that were released before the Path of Exile's official release in October 2013.
I dont need it... I dont need it.....
Wow, most microtransactions still cost more than most games on Steam!
Let's make a league about what players hate most: Opening doors, but even more slowly, backtracking through areas, clicking things that aren't in stacks excessively, escorting NPCs, losing everything on death, bugs, and crashes.
Sadly already gotten all the sup packs I liked this year, if only you guys released it next year with the Core packs..... I'm holding on to my money for this one.
You can buy anything yes not just the sale items? because theirs some things i need but they are not on sale? Is the sale already on for the free box or?

Oh wow it just switched on me while i was looking at it, it went from awesome items to garbage with the garbage being priced higher than the good stuff before lol that sucks. I was gunna grab a supporter pack real quick but I'll to see if anything else good comes up.
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How do we know which 3 MTX are 90% or more?
Need a better end game boss than Sirius
How do we know which 3 MTX are 90% or more?

It tells you how much the normal price was slashed out in red that if its 90% off than you'll notice.
Thank you Bex and GGG for all that you do. Glad I waited to buy supporter packs. So hyped for mayhem and 3.12 with the mtx I get
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weird way to attract gamers with such still toxic prices. in my eyes they are still high prices.

but this doesnt matter. untill i am not rewarded by game itself, il wont spend any single cent in this game.

mtx wont reduce my lags.. maybe in some cases yep. but meh. mtx wont make me feel rewarded and either it helps my gameplay whatsoever.

if i start being happy again in this game. then i would consider to spend more. mainly in tabs

you guys should have pricetagged affinity tabs..

my brother started playing this game. gave him mirror tier gear. and did take it back after week. gave him idea of this game. how it is. havent seen him since :D
im not bad. its game what makes people bad.
ok, thanks for listening me on dash but with adding support gem on it, whyle unable to use it bcs of ? it pulls me back ? people say desync . i should shoot to desync. most favorable skill and you add support gem on it and it doesnt even work normaly for 3 leagues.
How do we know which 3 MTX are 90% or more?

Yes me too!

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