Winners of the Hideout Competition

Every hideout competition this is red vinaigrette on prize places.

For the next competition, you need to buy these MTXs and make everything tastelessly, leaving a couple of passes and again stylizing a circle for a map device under Kitava's head. Very original and fresh.

I'm really upset. Thanks for the competition.

ye i was not happy about that area as well, same to the map device area i rushed to finish without thinking , i try better next time all i can bring up for this hideout as positiv that is 100% mtx free but thats it , but i saw many hideouts that could easly take my place . i think we need look at this event in the perspektiv of a Environment designer/Level designer to make better ones next time.
Thanks for selecting me as one of the winners.
I appreciate it a lot :)

And big congrats to all the other winners!
Congratulations for all winners! All of the hideout seen on this post were awesome! Hopefully next time I see my name up there too :)
Congraulations to the winners!

Thank you for choosing my entry as one of the top30.
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What's the point of this? How can it be a competition if the conditions are not initially equal? Of course, whoever pays will have the best hideout.

Wallet competition. pfff...
Congratulation to all the winners, really very well deserved. Very beautifull and inspiring hideouts! Also thankyou GGG for organising this nice competition.
Thanks you so much, i really didn’t expect to be in 5th place, it's a pleasure :)

Congratulations to all the winners !
Congratulations to everyone! Glad to see new names up among the top winners too!
My hideout showcase thread:
My fanworks thread:
Congrats !
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