Winners of the Hideout Competition

_Daybit_ wrote:
Minas Morgul is great, never think that this could be done in PoE.

Temuyín wrote:
The Minas Morgul one is insane! My personal favourite as a LoTR fan, also loved the Elven forest.

Thanks ! :)

Congratulations to all participants !

LeShor wrote:
Bien jouez à vous Synopsis et Zakk ;)

Merci, à toi aussi :p deux français dans le top 3! GG
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Wow! I'm glad and proud to be in the top 3 among all these beautiful hideout!
Thanks a lot GGG!

The designs and detailing on the floor draw the eye and frame the scenes.

It's perfect! That's exactly what I wanted, I really like working with floors and walls.

No doubt the perfect way to spy on unsuspecting guests


Keep this kind of event possible! It's super cool for peoples who love creation! =)

Congratz to all the winners!

Bien jouez à vous Synopsis et Zakk ;)

Canilaz_: LMAO, half are mtx-oriented HOs, the other half are made from some PROs who win every time, ggwp.

This Dracula HO is BS, i made much better Dracula HO with NO MTX but it was in 3.11 so couldnt join with it, what a joke.

I had the idea to do a Dracula theme for a while and to be honest, I haven't see your h/o... or at least he didn't grab my attention.
"i made much better Dracula HO" this is your opinion :)
"This Dracula HO is BS" Thank you!
"with NO MTX" Don't be bad, there are 3 mtx in my h/o, a crow... as well as 2 other mtx in the coffin room which are absolutely not necessary for this h/o.

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thanks to GGG for providing a platform to show our creativity!

congrats to all the winners!

see you in the next (:
Thanks to everyone who liked my work. As promised, I leave it to you. Please use!

Sorry for google translate)))

Any winner wanna donate me his/her exalted stress ball?


Was worth a try. :(
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I really like the untainted paradise one

is there a way for me to import it?
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Thank you. I'm never participating again.

Cant believe mine didnt win lol.
The fact that shows the dedication of those people is that they made all this with the BS editor that GGG provides.
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LeShor wrote:

Dont take it personal, exile. Its not you who choose the winners nor set the rules. Lets say im not fan of your hideout that much, but obviously you did it well enough to get the votes. Peace.
Slow down for a minute to enjoy the beauty around us.

Dont take it personal, exile.

This Dracula HO is BS


You need it.

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