Winners of the Hideout Competition

You are veterans of hideout creation. It’s as if you have been studying this for 8 years, you participate in every competition and win in every competition. Let please those who are a little less gifted breathe.
I put my soul into my shelter for the competition. And in the end it turned out to be not as full as 100% possible, not the size of a city, but that was the idea. But of course your hideouts will win. No chance.
Assassin - 5head 1500+ Int (Power siphon + KB): /view-thread/2981359
Assassin - Соплемансер (Viper Strike): /view-thread/2762969
Trickster - БорисХренПопадёшь (Essence Drain + Contagion): /view-thread/2628164
Every hideout competition this is red vinaigrette on prize places.

For the next competition, you need to buy these MTXs and make everything tastelessly, leaving a couple of passes and again stylizing a circle for a map device under Kitava's head. Very original and fresh.

I'm really upset. Thanks for the competition.
Assassin - 5head 1500+ Int (Power siphon + KB): /view-thread/2981359
Assassin - Соплемансер (Viper Strike): /view-thread/2762969
Trickster - БорисХренПопадёшь (Essence Drain + Contagion): /view-thread/2628164
LMAO, half are mtx-oriented HOs, the other half are made from some PROs who win every time, ggwp.
This Dracula HO is BS, i made much better Dracula HO with NO MTX but it was in 3.11 so couldnt join with it, what a joke.
Slow down for a minute to enjoy the beauty around us.
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Amazing, great hideouts! Congratulations to all participants and winners

Is there in future a possibility to acquire one or the other?

Derrok and Leshor in top3 - no surprise here.
Arthur von Schreyer ONLY in top30 - that's a big surprise...

Sad I didn't even manage to top30, but competition was high. Maybe next time :)
Congrats all the winners!
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Woahh thank you so much, it's an honor !! It's also amazing to get a word from Dan, your remarks are spot on : i tried to make it as practical as possible and separating the textures in a smooth manner with the plants to lighten the contrast between them and to make the cut more natural. It was not easy to work with the syndicate shelves and i had to tweak them multiple times to get a convincing impression. I try to keep some originality in my creations even if it's getting harder each time to find the appropriate combination of the decorations, I'm glad to see a player of the first Fable, Oakvale was challenging to make, especially with the decorations limit :P

Great competition, congratulations to all, there're many excellent hideouts I've seen, thanks for organizing this event Natalia/the staff ! :)

Edit : By the way the showcased version is the previous one that i inadvertently uploaded instead of the latest, i had like 20 versions on my pc and a bunch of them named like "Elven Forest Final", i found out about it like 2 days after having uploaded the version, so my bad. The latest (which is the same as in my showcase video) is slightly more detailed/polished but it doesn't make a huge difference though.
📜My hideout thread :
🏷️Favour farming :
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SolPoE wasn't in TOP3? Was the voting for these hideouts made on Dominion voting system?

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Ty for scam <3
That is awesome, congrats to all the winners. They are all amazing. The Elvin Forest was my favorite. So well done, I love the openness and greenness of it all. It looks to be a delight to explore.
HaHaHa - YES!
MikoMiranda wrote:

Arthur von Schreyer ONLY in top30 - that's a big surprise...

Probably didn't used enough MTX to reach the First Places. No matter what this "Competition" says, we know what he can do and love his work, right.
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cgexile wrote:
Some of these are really cool for sure.

Lots of paid-for madcap build supplies in Twilight in the Vashj'ir, heh. Where is the P2W police?!

I think I only used 3 non-standard decorations: 2 statues from the angels and demons mystery box, and the large fireplace that I got on a discount years ago. The HO was celestial; the one obtainable from shaper fight.
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