Winners of the Hideout Competition

Well to be honest i felt really bad about my hideout after second week , i started see many mistakes i made ....the areas not connect well , its way over packed in some areas and after seeing the second sreenshoot its just obvious that i didnt realy had any idea what i wanted to do with it, its just become a mess of re-used ideas and improvisation .. hopefully i can build better ones for next event ,i try keep learn more! Grats to all the winners and im glad many people joined with amazing hideouts!

I hope the community keep this type of events alive , there are many people who appreciate hideouts and many people love to building them , and we would wellcome future upgrades for this side of the game :D ~hint:(layout maker,new assets)
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Congrats to the winners, those are some really sweet hideouts. Kinda sad i didn't even make top 30 i wonder if console hideouts even got checked out xD
Congrats to all the winners!!! Tell ya one thing, I wouldn't have wanted to be one of the judges! They're all great.
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Every single hideout competition I'm blown away by what I see. I can never choose which one is my absolute favorite. A testament to just how good the hideouts really are. Such great work guys!
Congrats to the winners and top 30! This was so fun to participate in and even if I didn't make it into the prize pool, I learned a lot and there's always next year!
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Amazing works! I'm actually jealous i don't have the talent to build a hideout like those, all of them are amazing.

The Minas Morgul one is insane! My personal favourite as a LoTR fan, also loved the Elven forest.
WoW!! I have been an artist for many years, pushing clay with my hands is my expertise, but you folks pushing buttons are amazing, your vision is pronounced, these HO's are breath taking...simply breath taking! I must ask to any of you, how much time is spent creating these digital masterpieces? I must ask...??

I applaud you all....Bravo exiles, Bravo!
I enjoyed the commentary on the winning pieces. Congratulations to all winners!
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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great hideouts! congratulations to all
How exactly was the difference between using MTXs and not using them taken into account when deciding the winners and rating the hideouts? Really curious, because I did not see anything about it in this post but it was clear from the competition event that MTX and non-MTX entries would be rated based on somewhat different criteria.

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