GGG is Hiring Quality Assurance Testers

Rajin wrote:
I'm a NZ citizen that just about fits all the criteria but I'm currently working in Japan until around August next year haha
Hopefully by the time I'm back maybe there'll still be spots open ;P

Nothing personal, but I hope all positions are filled and working before that happens. The sooner they have testers on the floor, the better.
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PsOfOs wrote:
Why do you post this here?
It would be better to post it in a New Zealand paper or site,where people with computer science degrees that are searching for a job will see it.
I don't know what percentage of the people here have computer science degrees AND live in New Zealand.
Seems a bit funny to me.
Btw i hope you have a nice and big budget for someone with a degree in computer science...

I highly doubt this is the only posting of the job.
PC : SqueakyToyOfTerror
XB : R3SPAWN#7045
Discord : R3SPAWN
Congratz, you played yourself again.
Instead of a god damn public test realm, with PLAYERS giving you PLAYER feedback, you are hiring people who again will have imaginary insight into how the game plays, as you all do/did for leagues on end.

So in order to start i need to download cyberpunk via steam or is it provided?
I love that they are making sure game experience is included. Though I would prioritize skill level over hours played. For example, an awakener 8 kill in 32 hours played time on softcore ssf.

I want a speedy tester that understands how boring doors and immune phases are.

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