GGG is Hiring Quality Assurance Testers

Why do you post this here?
It would be better to post it in a New Zealand paper or site,where people with computer science degrees that are searching for a job will see it.
I don't know what percentage of the people here have computer science degrees AND live in New Zealand.
Seems a bit funny to me.
Btw i hope you have a nice and big budget for someone with a degree in computer science...
CantripN wrote:
Over 1000 hours!

No one know this game after 1000 hours
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STUPID LIE ... but as usual. In Russian, as usual, the post was not done. And yes 1000 hours of tests yeah yeah we believe: D
Sounds like a great gig, pretty sure I meet the requirements but I have a house and family elsewhere in North Island and couldn't bear living in Auckland.
It's like I'm reading a Craigslist job posting.

Overqualified Educational Requirements? Check.
Misleading and/or Convoluted Job Description? Check.
Needing Unpaid Experience in that specific job before you work there? Check.
Absolutely nothing said about what you would be actually compensated with? Check!

I love the bit too where you need twice as much hours of "experience" in the game than you do in the actual position you are applying for. Someone's priorities chart is the chart. I guess that explains a lot about why this game has so many issues.
"our game is extremely complicated" - no more than extremely stuffed with bugs, glitches and useless mechanics piled on top of an old and underperforming engine... heats up graphic cards just for having shitty textures and a few extra particles when using skills or having more than 5 monsters attack. git gud, grinding stash tab seller gear games.
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Please don't hire ppl who worked in Ubisoft.
Nj0rdin wrote:
STUPID LIE ... but as usual. In Russian, as usual, the post was not done. And yes 1000 hours of tests yeah yeah we believe: D

i have seen lot of stupid past years but this one is the most stupid.
people litteraly have 3k-4k gameplay hours. 1000 hours is nothing. and they meant with that that much experience in hours. no test. russians very smort.
ok, thanks for listening me on dash but with adding support gem on it, whyle unable to use it bcs of ? it pulls me back ? people say desync . i should shoot to desync. most favorable skill and you add support gem on it and it doesnt even work normaly for 3 leagues.
DAmn if there wasn't a restriction I would LOVE to work with them... But so does everyone else lol...
This is a rather curious thing to post about now; as mentioned, the closed borders would make hiring a lot more difficult. I wonder if this posting was more about trying to make a statement than actually get it filled? I can imagine one particular requirement being scarce to find:

Bex_GGG wrote:
  • At least three months of work experience performing quality assurance for computer games, or other team-based work experience.

I mean, New Zealand isn't exactly known for a computer game industry. IIRC GGG kinda makes up a majority of all people employed in that regard for the entire country?
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