GGG is Hiring Quality Assurance Testers

Sorry to repeat was was said already, but a QA job for a Computer Science degree is INSULTING.
This is the kind of job that you take mid-college to pay bills, not a long term position.

God I even know companies that demand a math bsc at least and won't even take cs degrees into QA. Contemporary and sophisticated testing and test management plus lifecycle management - if done properly - is hard. A job with hardly any boundaries.

I might also be the 'perfect' fit for your job ggg, but also ... i'm from the other side of the globe. I wonder if you could circumvent your hiring laws if you you'd hire externals / through service contracts?
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Woah, GGG finally gets itself some testers instead of solely relying on "lets' compile it 5 minutes before league start and see if it works"?
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the 1k hour part is surely just a meme right? nobody can tell me the current QA's have 1k hours and can't spot blatant bugs u don't even have to do anything to discover them since they jump right onto your face .. either that or the dev team doesn't care what QA tells them is wrong

also all the people who say " oh dawg only hiring in NZ *sadface* " if you rly consider working as a QA tester with a BA in computer science you really sell yourself really really short .. u prob get like 40k salary which is pathtetic when u can have apply for jobs with 400k+ with just a BA in Computer Science that job listing is just pathetic

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1000 hours? Thats a rookie number...
Well time to travel to New Zealand :D
About time for time. Hope you get some good people.
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1000 hours of experience

I'll use a trade bot then to get IRL currency, but not the way you would think...

JK 1071 hours on Steam only. That 71 hours is my gift to GGG.
This may be the most epic job opening of all time.

I would do this for free if I lived in NZ.
Allow world wide applications
- GRaveChilD
damn it . playing poe for somethink like 100000 hours i know every single mechanick in the game , each skill , each passive in skill three , every league i`m playing 20-40 builds , i think i was born for this work ) there is my dream to work in GGG , but i`m from Ukraine (

P.S. to be honest my real dream is drop the Mirror of Khalandra
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