The Darkwood Armour Set and Cloak - Wings, Cloaks and Back Attachments Sale

Yesss, please do more slim, non-"heavy" armor sets like this. I don't need hulking pauldrons or bulky steel leg guards on my shadow or ranger. Love this set. I really like the weapon skin too, elegant, not too flashy, won't clash with any weapon effects.
Love the Cloak! Great Detail perfect for My Ranger!
Although PS4 PoE crashes so often it's almost destroying my will to play I have to say this armour set looks AWESOME! And I'm considering buying it...
Big up to Jeff and the console team.
Good stuff!
this is clean and detailed,really looks polished...
The Winter in coming! Protect the Wall!!
WoW....just wow... now THIS is a set that thematically fits this game!
Really like both, the armor and the cloak, but I just can't imagine them working together. Cloak and skirt probably look weird combined. Since there is no combined "all this looks great together" screenshot and the cloak video doesn't feature the armor set, i assume you realized that yourself :)
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