The Darkwood Armour Set and Cloak - Wings, Cloaks and Back Attachments Sale

Galtrovan wrote:
Why aren't all the MTX like this?

This belongs in the game.

The clown crap, et. al. just like it, has no business being in the game.

But this, you need more of this.

Lol the clown body armor is actually a normal body armor just recoloured and it def belongs into this game, cause it looks badass!
IComeYouDie wrote:
This is what real POE Players want. Realistic armors for POE World, things that make sense like this set. Medieval armors, ranger armors, sorcerers armor like "The Witcher" and "Lord of the rings" but with POE's originality and creativity signature.
I hope that the POE team will really read my message and think about doing something like that in the future.

Thank you for the excellent work on this set

"real" poe players ^^"
Last edited by Ondrugs on Oct 9, 2020, 8:52:03 AM
Can we get a Winterwood armorset next? like for christmas?
Ornate and interesting without being RGB

Hope it sells because its easy on the eyes
Shine Boldly, So That All May Find You When The Night Comes.
Assassins Creed Revalations ooooooyeaaaahhhh!
really diggin the armor set other than the hood. great job
Honestly can we have more armors sets like this???
love this, but i have no point since i gambled away all my points on boxes, will have to pick it up later :(
Cool af aesthetic

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