The Darkwood Armour Set and Cloak - Wings, Cloaks and Back Attachments Sale

Woulda definitely bought it, if it had no skirt, it makes no sense, especially that piece of cloth on the front. Why it has to be there if you making a huge cloak as a separate item. Still a very decently looking armor overall.
Wow nice. If only it was actually reasonably priced i'd get it, but not at $42 (<--- discounted price).

Thats a firm no thanx.
If you can't handle the truth, just delete the forum post - Precious Flower
who knew that regular armor could look good without chroma ....
meh, kinda dull.
Looks really nice up close, like REALLy nice, good job! But from default point of view (during gameplay) it is not visible at all and that is without all the spell clutter that is going on normally. Ehh.
This set is INSANELY good looking. Holy!!
FINALLY!!!!! A green-themed set! It happened. Project stuff and now this: gg, GGG. :) I can finally go full green mode.

Make lab optional! Give us another way to get the ascendancy points we need.


warhammer end times - vermintide copy
Why aren't all the MTX like this?

This belongs in the game.

The clown crap, et. al. just like it, has no business being in the game.

But this, you need more of this.
Looks nice ^^

But I wonder why you guys spamming the market with so much mtx this league....

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