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Mokurp wrote:
what the points of the enchants in the heist... i miss harvest t4 seeds with uniques league rewards

2 examples of good itens ruined by enchants


If only they added an orb or something you could use to reroll those enchants...
When are you going to fix the broken Atlas issue for people who cannot spawn their Conqueror citadels after the patch, it's been broken since the patch and it's on top of the known issues?

I cannot progress my atlas at all since it's locked on last conqueror.

Base end game mechanic being completely bricked because of a patch is very disappointing.
Way too little, way too late. And why aren’t the crashes and performance issues getting top prio?
Do a one month race with no Heist please.
No one cares about standard. It's literally a recycle bin, just press empty.
IceStorm is in COMPLETE JUNK STATE, and peoples have invested hundreds of exalts in these builds to play with , and you destroy them.

Is this PoE ? Making peoples regret their investments ?
I love to spend time just discussing stuff. :)
Divergent Heavy Strike (x% reduced Knockback Distance) can no longer cause enemies to be pulled towards you when the gem has greater than 20% quality. At 20% quality, the skill will not provide any Knockback effect.

That sounds fun and hardly game breaking, why would this get patched? Must really dislike the 1 player that actually uses heavy strike and found a way to make it more fun.
Stash Tab Folders and Affinities
These are still making good progress. In terms of deployment timeline, we're looking at one week as an optimistic estimate and three weeks as a worst-case scenario. The variance in time depends on how much more iteration will need to take place during testing.

While I am excited to see these become a reality take as long as you need to make sure this works as intended. I remember the release of the Delve tab and the necessary rollback. Keep at it GGG you can make this work.
I know the attention is currently on the active league and that's fine.
But please fix this bug before it ends so it doesn't again become a problem when the next league with a new atlas and map conversions starts:

were still getting stuck at heist doors!
Nabeshin4 wrote:

If only they added an orb or something you could use to reroll those enchants...

the tailoring orb can break the 6 link so is useless

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