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Fix pls The Twins Conditionally Challenge Please... Still Bugged and can't be Completed.

Also please increase the Droprate of that Contract. They are Ridiculous Expensiv and way to rare to find.
So I guess we Ps4 players should just quit then...
Last week of the league:
Finally added the last unique contract for the final heist boss, have fun :)
Rogue Behaviour Improvements
We've improved the overall behaviour of Rogues and fixed problems where they were not prioritising their jobs over combat or other situations.

We've also increased the range in which you can move from your Rogue before it interrupts the task they're performing.

Very nice

Stash Tab Folders and Affinities
These are still making good progress. In terms of deployment timeline, we're looking at one week as an optimistic estimate and three weeks as a worst-case scenario. The variance in time depends on how much more iteration will need to take place during testing.

Very excited for this one to drop!
I'm just dumbfounded how none of these bugs were caught in QA. Did GGG even test this update internally? You are releasing core gameplay content like Heist bosses 3 weeks late! And so many gems aren't working either!

Very embarrassing GGG
Mokurp wrote:
what the points of the enchants in the heist... i miss harvest t4 seeds with uniques league rewards

2 examples of good itens ruined by enchants

Not surprised the least bit. How crummy GGG.
any intention to remove legacy cloaks from the game?

i mean it's ok if you design the game in a way that late starters get a disadvantage with the economy being already saturated and inflated. it's one's own fault if you have to do business trips to earn the money to support you.

but giving those early starters such a huge bonus in grand heists by leaving those cloaks in the game? really?

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Bex_GGG wrote:
What We're Working On: Harvest will become core as part of 3.13 but in a slightly different form. (interesting word choice, I hope "slightly" ends up being true to its meaning)
You guys forgot to add that in your post and only mentioned it on Reddit so I thought it would be appropriate to mention given it's what most players are excited about.

I personally won't be coming back to the game until Harvest with its garden mechanic is back. It's sad to part ways really but if the devs want to reduce the game to only a killing things loot pinata parade then I guess I have to move on to other games that offer more than just this. (Runescape, World of Warcraft, Torchlight 2 and other ARPG's that have more role playing elements to them that add variety and fun to the game instead of the same old, rinse and repeat, monotonous nature of killing things over and over with no variation in gameplay).
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Freidrich Tarollo

If you intended to use a German name then you misspelled it. The correct spelling is: FRIEDRICH

If not - well, then nvm :D
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Thank you for your hard work GGG but please prioritize crash fixes. While I can play every content in game flawlessly, constantly crashing during the heists. I dont want to skip league mechanics but there is nothing for me to do except wait for you to fix all the issues.

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