[3.16]Dragoon's DW Calling Lancer |High mitigation |"budget" 15M+ sDPS |99% of the Game Done|Videos

1-you need to put q20 on the main skill link, also a 21/20 gem helps a lot
2-don't use the accuracy sword mastery, you can put the reduced block
3-missing some enchants and anoint, like razor's edge and the +1 projectile on the helmet

with these, you can almost double your dps
the rest are things i didn't crafted, yet
I am trying to play this build but can't stop wondering, what is a good paradoxica?
based on the pob it seems only the dps matters, what should I look for when I am buying/unveiling one?
UkoCyanide wrote:
I am trying to play this build but can't stop wondering, what is a good paradoxica?
based on the pob it seems only the dps matters, what should I look for when I am buying/unveiling one?

I went for a Paradoxica with increased physical damage and local crit chance. Attack speed is nice too, but crit really increased my damage consistency. Biggest issue is you will feel slow until you get used to it
Double damage while focused is a trap mod, since you already deal double damage
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I get a character to play this build, this is where I am at currently:

I am facing problems on both the damaging side and survivability side:
my current damage is much lower compared to your pob, I am working on a watcher's eye and gems, but even with those items, the damage is just not there, am I missing something?

even with a pretty good ehp shown in POB, I can't stably survive a red map scourge,(usually dies to 4,5 mob hit), what should I do to be able to hold my ground in high red maps?

scourge is hard for my build after 80 stacks you should think twice before entering
my tip is: preferably on a corner, start attacking before entering krangleverse, pop your flasks and use vaal grace
inside it, first hold your ground to clear the screen and slowly go where you need

also, ditch the quicksilver and put a diamond flask your damage will be more consistent

edit: ok, i read enough pleas, so i will lower the damage to get more survival i am testing with defiance banner and more life on tree, scourge is more manageable at higher stacks now
i was gonna release the pastebin today but i will postpone for tomorrow
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ok ppl this is the pastebin with a tankier tree for a better krangleverse experience, as long you don't go crazy on the mods 150 stacks is comfortable, based on my character, which is not finalized
the main changes are more ehp through passives and also swapping war banner with defiance banner
for higher tiers, paradoxica and a lord of steel with 90+ call speed are mandatory

Any Consideration of going the Hybrid Evasion/Armour route?

As a sample my char:


Can fullclear T16 Scourge Maps at 200+ Stacks, without sacrificing too much DPS (Feared and other bosses still die in seconds by swapping Quicksilver for Dying Sun). WIthout Evasion and Spell Surpression Scourge always felt way too rippy. Sadly not neccesarily the cheapest solution.

Btw, your PoB is using a pre 3.14 Paradoxica, a current one is 5+% better DPS wise because the higher Tier veiled mods.
yeah your build is also a great iteration of lancing steel, it is just that i am too used with enduring cry + CTA on my mouse1

yours also requires some expensive rolled rares and as i said before i want to make a reliable "core" item selection, with less rng than most. this do not make my build better or worse, i just want to make a little more accessible and easier to make to target for farming (seems like GGG hates my idea btw lol)
if scourge wasn't so rippy i would stick to my original and pick a stranglegasp to anoint many of those shadow passives, maybe next league

as for paradoxica it was on purpose i saw that the difference wasn't that high, unless you pick a 210+ paradoxica
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Hello,sorry for my question, what is CTA?
Usuarioah0 wrote:
Hello,sorry for my question, what is CTA?

Call to Arms Keystone

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