[3.16]Dragoon's DW Calling Lancer |High mitigation |"budget" 15M+ sDPS |99% of the Game Done|Videos

Is that a barrage build?
Is that a herald build?
No! It is the new Lancing Steel+Lord of Steel build!

Sup everyone? Today, i present a build that is kind of an “open secret” for those with sharp eyes out there, capable of doing true endgame “on a budget” although very hard to make it league-starter.
Honestly, i picked up many builds scattered out there and optimized the pathing and items for my needs and budget, making it so that i could scale quickly in red maps and breeze through endgame content.

Just a heads-up, i tried to write a Full Guide, zero-to-hero style so don't blame me for too much text, if you think i ramble too much, just ignore most of it.

Since i got this out of the way, here we go:

1-Most of the content on a budget (did Sirus A5, Shaper, Unbreakable and so on);
2-Very easy to build: no mandatory enchants; no need for clusters, timeless or many jewel sockets;
3-Most tanky build with less than 5K life i ever did, due to the many mitigation mechanisms used;
4-The revamped Lancing Steel is one of the best skills against heist mobs that aggro behind doors;
5-Damage comes mostly from unique items and passives, no need to invest heavily on crafting or influenced items.
6-Very fun to play, confirmed by many on this thread!

1-Weak against most types of degen;
2-Sometimes Call of Steel feels clunky and is not as fast as spells + explody chests;
3-Mana management takes a while to get used to it;
4-You need to constantly be alert, knowing when to flask is very important;
5-Before you max the build, you need to dodge many one-hit-kill skills especially Sirus'.

See the post #3 for the updates

3.12 Videos

Some T16 Mapping with sextants, delirium and whatnot to show the build clearspeed

For those who don't believe about some of the build's capabilities, take this red pill - by me, Low Quality video

Endgame Bosses Showcase - All Deathless - Video made by @KoiroAvamyr, a big thanks for taking your time making this! Also his version of the build is superb!

TL;DR gimme that PoB

https://pastebin.com/bXmLUj5J - 3.16 but more tankier for scourge
https://pastebin.com/pHvMXXND - 3.16 version - new extra tree for better tanking scourge mobs
https://pastebin.com/hChMYcF0 - Original version Click here for Raw code

Code Updated up to 29th November with my endgame gear, leveling trees and some items for simulation. If you are looking for budget options refer to the Gearing section and read the FAQ please.
use Local Identity's Fork for PoB, you can squeeze more damage by sacrificing some life in the scion life wheel

Mechanics and Playstyle

Offence: Pretty straightforward, we are maximizing physical damage with impale and pumping up projectiles to deal more impale reflections, the quicker the mob reaches max impale stacks the better. Overwhelming physical resistance works like a curse. I complement with Ice Golem, Ancestral Protector and Sniper's Mark to nuke bosses as they are not needed for mapping.

Defence: this is the best part of the build as we reach over 14k+ armour rating unbuffed and mitigate a lot of damage with molten shell, endurance charges, fortify and we top it with a cherry with some little attack block chance. Enduring cry on mouse1 also saves some life flask charges and gives end charges which is nice.

How to play

Mapping: leap slam onto the pack to gain end charges and for "procing" your beltimber buff; if you are using saviour, flask before attacking stronger enemies to make your mirages stronger.
Do not spam Lancing Steel unless you are overwhelmed by mobs, use the skill once or twice and then apply Call of Steel to clear packs. Rinse and repeat.

Bossing: swap whatever you need or have (you don’t need Lord of Steel "explosion" mod for most bosses), activate your totem, leap once on the boss, flask up and keep shooting and dodging.
You don’t need to be on place for the shards to track the boss, keeping near distance (because of Point Blank and Pride Aura Effect) to maximize the damage.
My Biggest tip is to keep dodging first before shooting or using Call of Steel. Futhermore, Marking the boss with sniper's Mark gives some damage and cool movie-like lightspeed effects, also they can sustain your flask charges with bosses with tons of phases.
Remember that the skill keeps shooting projectiles for a time after the mana is spent, in a sense that you don't need to stay still, thus easing the dodging process. This is a very relaxing way to fight and a great way to improve in the game overall.

Yet, i cannot stress this enough: Degen damage is more dangerous than the chance to get one-shotted. I recommend even re-rerolling desecrated/burning grounds and be careful when delving or fighting baran/hezmin minions. getting at least some chaos Resistance - Around +30% on gear - Helps a lot against chaos degen coupled with Full Arakaali Pantheon
Moreover, You don’t need to keep blood rage up in these scenarios. I like to carry an enduring mana flask against baran runes or no regen maps.
Beware of mobs with "on death effects" like delve mobs, delirium mobs etc.
if you go braindead against them you're gonna die quickly.

About Adrenaline/Banner usage: i don't recommend manipulating adrenaline with blood magic for more DPS as it is more of a hassle than anything due to socket colors in the gear plus if you get some bad status you can't activate adrenaline while the timer isn't out, so let it rest as a "hidden 6th flask". The same applies to War banner, plant it when in danger but not for pre-shot bosses.

Gifs showcasing the build up to October 12th

Elder T16 - Beginning of the fight to the portals phase

Jorus T15 - A very relaxing fight while i make my mirages do the work as i wait for the challenge opportunity...95% XP? who cares...

Heist T16 - Cheesing through mobs behind doors demonstration

Al-Hezmin T15 A7 3.5 seconds kill

-Tanking Minotaur Slam...

-...And his metamorph

-Kosis on Wave 20 in simulacrum

Content done with this guide

This works as a personal and honest review of my build, everything was done SOLO, no Aurabots or any other supports.
The reason i don't put "All content done" on the title is because honestly, if i can't do it deathless or without portaling, then it doesn't count for me!
Thus, i created the following list:

Done Easily:
-Conquerors (Drox Easiest, Baran Hardest);
-Shaper, Elder and their Guardians;
-Uber Elder encounter;
-Sirus (always dodge his "Rain of Stars");
-4-Way Timeless Conflict, Solo'ed with 4 Rows of rewards;
-Every Heist Boss;
-Mastermind lvl 83, Betrayal content is trivial;
-Any Breachlord at any level (Chayula maxed takes some time);
-Abyssal Liches T15/16;
-Pale Council;
-Uber Lab One-shot izaro np;
-Metamorph is so easy that is almost addicting;
-Red Blighted Maps are very easy, only needed strategy is to slow mobs with towers as much as possible.

Not so Easily done, a.k.a. near death or died once:
-Simulacrum 20 Waves (near death some times on wave 18+)
-Full Delirium T16 8-mod Maps, because FPS drops is my biggest foe;
-Atziri/Uber Atziri*: sometimes her reflect get the better of me;
-Some Synthesis bosses mechanics if you take too long to kill them;
-Infused Beachhead is a hassle, lots of proximity shielded mobs.

Can't do, died twice or more or just not worth doing:**
-HoGM (at least the mirages can kill the blocking flicker GM);
-Delving deeper than 300;
-Incursion inside Fully T16 Delirium maps (FPS rock-bottom);
-no leech maps are not deadly but it slows down the clearing;
-physical reflect mod on maps***.

*- Easily done if you modify the build a bit as seen in KoiroAvamyr's video or just use yugul pantheon coupled with one or two Elder/Hunter Rings with "reduced reflected physical damage" mod or just Sybil's Lament on right slot. For veterans, you can kill her without modifying anything but you can only hit her when her mirror isn't up.
**-Most of this list can be blamed on my 8-year-old Computer, The amount of projectiles hitting mobs plus screen effects takes a lot of computing power.
***-You can just use sextants on atlas to nullify the reflect damage but they won't work on zana missions.


3.16 Gear

3.12 Final Gear

Item Swap for bossing or bad Map mods

Optional for Zooming/Atziri

Example of Endgame invested Gear

My Gear when i killed Sirus A5

Gear Choices

1-Weapons: We are Dual Wielding swords, for starters get 2x Beltimbers and work up some currency to get a saviour in your off-hand, if you are lucky or rich enough, get a 180+ pdps paradoxica in your main as the double damage mod also buffs the saviour’s mirages. I don’t recommend a rare 1H sword as it needs to be over 430+ pdps to be worthwhile.
When you get the extra 2 projectiles buff from beltimber the damage equals to paradoxica, but the mirages won’t scale the damage as well...PoB isn't capable of calculating this difference.
Rough calculation of DPS

using my "Sirus A5 Gear" and beyond:
2x beltimber (after mov skill) = 16mi dps (lots of proj and reflect impales more constant)
Beltimber+Saviour = 11.5 M dps x 2 (+50% from each mirage) = 23 M dps
Paradoxica+Saviour = 12.4 M dps x 3 (+100% from each mirage) = 37.3 M dps
My Gear at Nov 10th = 25.3 M dps x 3 (No Bottled Faith) = 75.9 M DPS
My Gear at Nov 10th = 35.1 M dps x 3 (WIth Bottled Faith) = 105.3 M dps
Same as above + Blood Stance + Adrenaline = 46.4 M dps x 3 = 139.2 M dps

This is a rough sketch using PoB because most endgame bosses will die or phase out before the damage ramps up to the maximum, which takes around 3 seconds at point blank range. Oddly enough, Uber Elder becomes easier than any other encounter as the damage ramps up and stay maxed most of the time. Comparing with a spell build like a Storm Brand Hiero, my gear feels like it does around 70 M DPS on average. This is not some mistake on my part, just how Lancing Steel works and how PoB handles the damage calculation.

For those confused, just think about it: with adrenaline the skill goes over 3 attacks/second but the impale damage may not hold true because:
1) After 0.5 seconds from the first attack, you may trigger another attack;
2) From the 2nd attack, the projectiles from the last attack still hasn't finished firing;
3) If the Targets moves, it creates some difference in damage, especially when the impale reflects off mobs.
Meanwhile, this also gives an advantage over many other skills for targets with a tendency to stay in place as you are still dishing out damage without doing anything or spending mana. Everything has a good side i guess.

The BIS here is Lioneye’s Vision as it gives us pierce (extra link -> extra mana cost) plus mana leech to make clearing smoother, second place is Yriel’s Fostering with Bestial Ursa/Rhoa but you will need mana leech elsewhere
if you are insecure with this amount of life, leech and resistances go for an elder astral plate or belly of the beast.
3.13 Update: a nice but costly alternative is the new Chest Doppelganger as it can almost nullify the amulet's drawback.

The nomad’s hands down is probably the best item for the build as it not only give us stats, damage and resistances, it also gives the much needed flask charges bonus, this bonus also stacks with sniper's mark effect.
use catalysts here to fit your tastes

Marylene’s fallacy works very well as it pumps our crit multi in exchange of some crit chance which we balance this "Debuff" through passives.
For anoints i recommend:
a) Will of Blades for cost effectiveness
b) Vengeant Cascade for better clearing
c)True Strike for more balanced dps
d)Lust for Carnage for more leeching.
This is a bit of currency sink btw.

I actually carry 2 Marylene’s: one with Vengeant Cascade for mapping and another with True Strike for endgame bossing.

5-Gloves, Boots, Helmet, Rings
In these 5 slots, you are free to max your resistances, getting more flat phys, life and strength. I recommend getting +30% mov speed boots to help you adjusting when bossing. You can craft int or dex wherever you need to use some items/gems as long as they don't get in the way of your budget.
The best ring types are cogwork, geodesic, diamond, Vermillion, coral and steel.
Eventually, choose Eva or Eva+Armour types for better synergy with iron reflexes keystone.

Optional - About enchantments
Boots: go for crit, leech or speed. Reroll if elemental damage appears, you dont want to leap yourself to death on elemental reflect maps.
Gloves: i like "of Ire" enchants for the teeny tiny chance of shocking bosses, otherwise get something that chill mobs, the "of Reflection" enchant is nice too.
Helmet: the most for DPS is the "+1 Projectile for Lancing Steel" (this enchant alone is better than abyssus), next comes Anc. Protector extra speed followed by Blood Rage speed.
Another good idea is getting aura enchantment for less reservation which allows you to pump your precision gem level a bit more.

Lord of Steel has 3 variants, i recommend getting both that have Call Speed and swap between them for bossing and mapping
For the other sockets i recommend rare jewels that have +% Max life, Attack speed, Crit/damage/speed with swords and resistances/attributes when needed.
If you really want a Watcher’s eye, i recommend attack speed with precision or "Impale Duration Lasts more hits with Pride" if you are rich.
A little warning for newcomers: Lancing Steel is NOT a melee skill, so take a good look on the jewel's mods since melee crit chance or multiplier won't add anything to the build!

One of the most important section, they help us shield ourselves from degen and maximizing our ehp through armour.
for the basics, Use a life flask with staunching plus diamond, granite and quicksilver flaks with the following mods on them: warding, dousing and heat.
In the last flask slot pick an enduring mana/hybrid flask of curing for some map mods or leveling. Use Dying Sun when it becomes available.
Tip: After flasking diamond, with saviour equipped, minimize using leap slam until you fill your mirage slots impede them from copying leap instead of lancing steel.

8-Useful Crafting bench mods:
-Elemental and/or Chaos resistance;
-More damage while flask is active;
-Damage on vaal skill cooldown;
-Added Physical Damage;
-Intelligence or Dexterity if needed;
-Crit chance on flasks (Mastermind mod) if you don't like cinderswallow urn;
-Less mana cost on non-channeling skills for rings (Elreon mod).

Gem Links

6L/7L Chest
Lancing Steel - Maim - Vicious Projectiles - Brutality - Impale for the initial 5L
For the 6th Link
If you dont use Lioneye’s vision, use Chain or Pierce, Chain is a nice support for completing the 10 acts of the game, phase it out as you progress through low tier maps.
If you are using Lioneye’s go with Slower Projectiles or Awakened GMP if you have money
Anomalous Slower Projectiles is a nice variant too
I recommend only using non-awakened GMP before you reach maps, as this support requires more mana than Slower Projectiles and can take a toll on your build if you are using Lioneye's Vision

4 S Boots
Pride - Enduring Cry - Blood Rage - Precision (i use divergent here)
You can swap for Anomalous Blood Rage, Divergent Pride for the endgame.

Off-Hand 3L
CWDT lvl 9 - Molten Shell lvl 14 - Increased Duration lvl 20
This combo should be in off hand when you pick saviour as the mirages benefit from the duration gem.

Main Hand 3S
Sniper’s Mark - Summon Ice Golem - Flesh and Stone
I recommend using mostly sand stance

Helmet 4L
Leap Slam - LifeTap - Faster Attacks - Endurance Charge on melee Stun
More utility than movement per se. remember that you need this for beltimber blade buff.
Phantasmal Leap Slam is BIS here as more attack speed is always welcome.

Gloves 4L
Ancestral Protector - War Banner - Culling Strike - Impale
Linking ancestral protector is optional here, you can put whatever you want instead of impale/Culling, like Vaal Grace or Vaal Haste are nice options - use your second skil bar for them
If you don’t have mana leech, deactivate War banner or put Splitting Steel if you like
i put some variation here with enhance lvl 4 and alt qual gems in the final section of the guide.

NEW Skill Tree + Leveling Guide

I won't make a step-by-step in acts, i prefer to slam some kind of flowchart of what items and gems you should get, i will put the milestones according to the labyrinth area. Do not forget to use the latest Pastebin code in the forums and you can follow the leveling trees if you want and i also put some example gear.
The gem links if you get a tabula are LS+Vicious Proj+Maim+Pierce+Chain in this order while you get through acts, swap chain for slower proj or brutality when fighting quest/act bosses. But you can get around with a 4L using chain as last link
reserve all the aura/banner after uber lab or when confident, until then put them somewhere to level them
The other important links are Enduring Cry (bind on mouse1 after getting Call to Arms), and use a 4L for leap/totem and link with Culling/Fortify/Inc. Att. Speed and so on
get vaal grace ASAP, you don't need to complete all optional quests but is nice having at least all the respec points.
Beware that in the leveling trees some masteries differ from what you should use with endgame gear
Level 1-34

good uniques : tabula rasa, goldrim, wanderlust, blackheart, heup of all, dream frag, praxis , meginord vise, meginord girdle, relentless fury, dreadarc, ewar's mirage, chitus needle
karui ward, carnarge heart, wurm's molt, magnate (hold it for nomad prophecy), belt of deceiver, bisco leash
Quests rewards
act 1
pick any skill or splitting steel at the beginning and then swap for shattering steel at the end
supports are maim, lmp, pierce
pick precision (do not level it), enduring cry (don't forget about CTA), war banner, leap slam and ancestral protector
act 2
use maim -> vicious projectiles in main skill
pick faster attacks for leap and protector link,
pick blood rage and flesh and stone
optional: herald of ash to clear a bit faster
Bandits -> pick alira or eramir
act 3
you can swap for dread banner for a bit until maps (level war banner on weapon swap)
pick pride, vulnerability
impale on siosa for main and pick slower proj to level it somewhere
Swap for lancing steel
act 4
lmp -> chain or GMP, i recommend chain for clearing until you get Lioneye's chest and beltimber's
ice golem
CWDT+Inc Duration+Molten shell (all under cwdt lvl 1)
complete normal lab before entering the beast and pick Master of Metal

Level 35-52

good uniques: Great old one tentacles, daresso passion, gryphon, moonbender's, Terminus Est (BIS even for early mapping)
fury valve, marylene's fallacy (you need some crit or diamond flask for early adoption)
profane proxy need skitterbots -> vulnerability
act 5-
poacher's aim (swap pierce for Slower proj)
act 6 - pick the agate amulet, you can pick fortify with Lily to link with leap if you want until merc lab
Pantheon - Brine king and Abberath
act 7 - diamond flask
Swap Pantheon for Arakaali and Ralakesh

Level 53-68

No that many uniques i could recommend since many on these range are already specializing other builds
act 8 - Conqueror's efficiency
Do the cruel lab as you enter town an pick inspirational or First to strike, Last to Fall
act 9, 10 - pick quartz or stibnite
strongly recommend to do merciless lab before finishing a10
then unspec what you picked on cruel lab using 10 respec points and pick Unstoppable Hero + Fortitude

Level 69-75 aka Early mapping

By this point i suggest going towards the budget list on the topic, you can swap tabula for a 5L Lioneye's, dual beltimbers and so on..swap for the gem links that are described in PoB
In uber lab you should have at least 4k life with some armour to attempt it, pick inspirational for better mana management and slowly gets adjusted with the mana comsuption
at first sight you may feel the burden of mana or lack of leech as the reason is that your gems are still low level for maps, they start shining after your gems go beyond lvl 18
upgrade your pantheon and you are mostly set.

Bandits,Ascendancy and Pantheon

Bandits - Kill 'em all or Alira - the latter is more useful to go through acts 1 to 10 and some early mapping.

Ascendancy in THIS order:
1-Master of Metal
2-First to Strike, Last to Fall
3-Respec Number 2 (needs 10 respec points) and pick Unstoppable Hero AND Fortitude
4-Any of the remaining, i recommend First to Strike, Last to Fall because adrenaline can save our skins sometimes

Major - Arakaali, try to upgrade at least with The last buff
Minor - Ralakesh or Shakari, upgrade them. Use Yugul against Atziri.

Leveling items

I said a bit about items before but i will put some tips and items if you want to pick this build, i recommend using 2H as they offer more damage before maps:
1-Tabula, wanderlust, praxis, shiversting and goldrim -> typical power leveling stuff, use chain as final link
2-Meginord vise and girdle : nice for iron grip
3-Great Old one’s Tentacles : if you want to level with impale skills these are the best gloves
4-Terminus Est: Best weapon while you don’t go Dual wielding

Budget and order of upgrading

These are rounded-up prices at the time i bought them but it can vary as you upgrade:
1-2x Beltimber Blades - 2x 4c = 8c
2-Nice mov speed boots - around 20c
3-Marylene’s Fallacy - 1c
4-Nomad - 18c
5-6L Lioneye’s vision - 4ex+40c = around 400c
6-Rings, Gloves, helmet - around 40c in total but they are super easy for you to drop or craft
7-The Saviour - 120c
8-Dying Sun - 50c
9-Oils for Anoints - around 100c if you are unlucky with oil drops

Total = 760c or 11ex but you can save more than 150c if RNGesus blesses you

Rich guys’ area

This section is for those interested in maximizing the build to obliterate any content
For starters, Paradoxica is mandatory as it buffs the mirages from your saviour. A good Paradoxica with increased phys and attack speed + quality are quite expensive
In my case, i bought a unid and veiled one for 80c and managed to hit the jackpot in the 1st try...only unveil Paradoxicas when you get all the best mods from betrayal for safety.

Secondly, alternate and awakened gems gives are the bread and butter for more DPS and utility, especially Vicious Projectiles. Awakened Brutality / GMP - the latter in place of Slower Projectiles - vary a lot from each other in pricing... from 80c to 15ex.
A fair warning for GMP or Woke GMP is that the FPS plummeting and stuttering with delirium + incursion is much more severe that i anticipated and the damage gained is not worth its price. I died a lot experimenting and wasted a ton of delirium orbs for me to make this warning.
For alternate quality gems that are a bit more pricey, there are Anomalous Slower Projectiles for more clearing speed, Anomalous Blood Rage for swapping against unique bosses and Phantasmal Leap Slam for more speed. I recommend doing at least 5 grand heists with gems rewards as it is not that hard for them to drop.

Next up is Watcher’s Eye, getting "impale lasts X more hits" is 15ex minimum but they can cost way more than 40ex if combined with other pride mods or precision.

Moreover, You can use a Hunter Influenced boots with Tailwind mod, get as much crit as possible before acquiring them because you need to crit to activate the effect. You can also combine Tailwind with Elusive (Redeemer influence) or extra endurance charge (Warlord). I recommend crafting a hunter boots and then deciding the other influence after. Or just yolo a awakener's orb.

Furthermore, try to get a nice jewel with corrupted blood immunity, they drop a lot from heists and are cheaper than before. This is mostly required against sirus when he beams on your face.

Investing the dough up here allows the build to reach over 70 Million DPS, bringing the build to the top of the tier for Attack Projectile based builds
My actual build as in 17 October reaches 74 Million DPS with Adrenaline while costing less than a quarter of a Mirror.

Eventually, for an extra "measly 18ex" or 1200c, If you want to ignore many of the advices given in pursuit of pure raw damage, you may swap the quicksilver flask for a cinderswallow urn with crit chance (or just craft crit in other flask as the mod stacks with diamond's) and a Bottled Faith instead of the granite.
With these flasks and right timing in the fights, you can go beyond 130 Million DPS, at a higher risk as you need to stand in place more. These flasks are the last things you should spend money if you aren't lucky.
Upgrade order for the big bois

Only get any item on this list after checking out everything off the budget list in the last section of the guide, Price ranges are here to fit to your taste and budget:
1-Paradoxica, 170pdps to 200+ pdps - 4ex up to 35ex
2-Awakened Vicious Projectiles - 70c or 1ex
3-Alternate quality gems here, but the prices are chaotic right now
4-Watcher's eye with "Pride, Impale lasts 2 more hits" only - 23ex
5-Bottled Faith - 18 to 20ex
6-Boots with at least Tailwind+Mov speed - 5ex up to 30ex
7-Cinderswallow Urn with Crit chance mod - 3.5ex
Total: Ranging from 50 exalted up to 100 exalted

After this, things like woke Brutality/GMP, boots with end.charges/elusive + Tailwind, Crazy WE with more mods and so on you will need to compete with many other builds and they won't give that much boost to damage or ehp. Up to your luck or pockets i think.
These prices were acquired at 29th of October and bear in mind that the ex ratio and item prices in 3.12 fluctuated a lot as you can come across some discounted prices if you wait a day or two.

you don't need to be in a hurry to get everything here, i built my char from scratch in a little more than a week playing around 3h/day and got everything in less than 3 weeks. I did a ton of elder/uber elder, Sirus, Heists with unusual gems and focused most of my mapping doing Betrayal and some delirium. Remember that the build enables T16 farming very quickly.

The extra mile

This final bit is just to conform with my Final gear and PoB, completely optional and nearly unnecesary but it can give you some ideas for more damage while trading some life, i don't recommend using these items before you reach level 92:

1-Unnatural Instinct - around 15ex --> A bit more of mana, resistances and some other buffs, i am using this to free some skill points while losing some life
2-Transcendent Flesh in the Marauder Area socket - 5ex --> More Crit multiplier, best if coupled with Unnatural instinct because of the extra points required for the socket, you can also use this if you don't like Marylene's.
3-Replica HH - 20ex -> Less potent than normal HH, but still makes linear farming/leveling like breachstones, syndicate hideouts quicker. Mostly used on Rotations.
4-Enhance Lvl 4 - 4ex --> for pairing with Sniper Mark, War/Dread Banner and Phantasmal Anc. Protector to boost the quality bonuses even further.


Read this at least once.
This is based on most i hear on whispers, forum posts and private messages about the build:

Q1-"My damage with Paradoxica isn't that different in PoB/Tooltip, so why are you using it for?"
A: This stems from the misconception of PoB reflecting everything the build can do, which is a big lie as PoB is a mere simulating tool and has severe limitations no matter how much programmers or community contribute to it.
To put it simple, paradoxica trivializes endgame as it nullifies the nerf on the saviour sword, ramping your damage combined with the mirages 1.5 times higher.

Q2-"Why Saviour? isn't dual beltimber's enough?"
A: This i tend to disagree, sure we get a ton more projectiles with dual beltimber, but saviour trades off much QoL as we don't need to keep shooting the skill all the time to kill every mob off-screen and this makes high end content easier and better mana control too.

Q3-"Why i can't keep my mana always full?How do you manage your mana?"
A: This is probably what most stumble or get frustrated and there are some fine details to tune it right.
Firstly, the build works fine with only 0.4% mana leech as long you don't keep spamming or missing a lot of the attack.
Secondly, with Lioneye's Vision, the skill becomes a 7L combo which increases the mana cost quite a bit, i recommend using Slower projectiles instead of GMP to lower the total mana cost. If you are already using dying sun plus helmet enchant the GMP won't have much impact.
Finally, if you really want to zoom-zoom a lot, just put an enduring mana flask or leap a lot in mobs (you leech mana with leap) but most importantly do not spam the skill, most of the clearing is done with the call of steel, it may take a while to get used to, but it is a fun mechanic to learn.
P.S.: i am not condemning anyone for using Elreon rings/crafts, i just don't believe the build demands it.

Q4-"Vengeant Cascade? what is that and why should i use this anoint? it is too expensive!"
A: I carry two amulets, one for bossing anointed with True Strike and Another for clearing with Vengeant Cascade.
What this anoint does is basically returning all your projectiles after they pierced the mobs with Lioneye's Vision (if you don't use lioneye's skip the anoint), and when they return they pierce all mobs till offscreen, and not only they damage again, they can crit again and they impale again; making it so that the use of Call of Steel is much more efficient with a ton of mobs in your screen.

Q5-"I don't like Marylene's because no crit and no life, isnt always better any other amulet/talisman?" or "why is your damage so high with so little crit chance?"... I GET THIS A LOT #stopaskingmethisplz
A: Okay buddy, this might be true for assassin builds, but i am trying to balance the build to cost less than a half mirror and need to maximize somewhere and Marylene's fits like a glove, just remember that wielding 30% crit chance with 500% multiplier is better than 50% crit chance with 200% multiplier.
To not choose Marylene you will have to spend a lot more currency elsewhere like double warlord rings, getting a GG talisman with crit anoints, top tier gloves and so on. IF you get lucky with a nice fractured amulet or a talisman, go ahead and use it. For those going this way i also recommend socketing Transcendent Flesh in the left jewel socket by Marauder's area by spending 3 skill points.

Q6-"I completed your budget list but don't have enough to buy everything inside the rich club, what should i do?"
A: Just take it easy, slowly build your currency and then get a nice Paradoxica first...then everything else comes after. Do not go after Bottled faith or some crazy Watcher's Eye in the beginning. Make sure your defences are up to par first.

Q7-"is your build really tanky with this little life? Can you tank everything?"
A: Hell no, i merely combined some combos that stacks defences, you can tank some hard hits like mino slam and adrenaline can save me from sirus' beam but the build cannot tank things like: shaper's balls or his beam, Aul's Cleave, Kurgal's Final Flash and so on. Thankfully these sure-kill moves are very much predictable on these encounters.
The most dangerous situation in my opinion is when you have to deal with a lot of mobs that launches "on death" effects (like many of delirium mobs) coupled with some FPS dips/stuttering, so never get cocky when overwhelmed by mobs.

Q8- "is this build a "pianist's" one?"
A: No, though flasks are important and much needed you don't need to keep them up all the time. Save your fingers!

I think this is it for now, my idea is to show that Lancing Steel can become your only skill if you gear your gems or items enough because i am certainly not impressed by splitting steel and shattering steel requires you to stay more in place.
I uploaded some Gif's and a video mashup (720p trigger warning) to prove the build potential.
Any questions about the build or suggestions i am all ears.
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looks like acool guild, thank you
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I will put here the raw code in case Pastebin remove my link, this is the "original 3.12 version"
PoB Code Without Pastebin, Triple-click on any part of the text to copy


Update logs:
3.16 Update

New passivel tree -> complete rework to add masteries
ditched expensive jewels like UI and TF
Update uniques to lastest versions
Updated flasks with enchantments
New anoint for amulet -> Influence for bossing
From now on, i won't tick inside PoB "banner planted", Adrenaline, focused for transparency sake, but these mechanics should be used inside the game if you can
WIP -> testing new items like stranglegasp and crafted ritual gloves/belt with focus
WIP -> testing variants of the tree with magebane and suppression stuff
WIP -> Complete overhaul of many topics of the guide

3.15 & 3.14 Update

It seems that GGG is using my build as baseline for nerfs and buffs for LS interactions, comparing the damage in 3.15 with 3.14 the total damage floats around 97%~106% thus 3.15 almost doesn't change anything, but they made it even more expensive, so i decided to make some changes anyway
a fair warning is that the build also becomes more dangerous with the flask system rework and nerfs on bottled faith, dying sun.

This is pastebin for the 3.15 update: https://pastebin.com/d1RNV3dP
hit me up if the link goes bad

to cut it short:

1-now i strongly recommend getting 21/20 lancing steel due to the base damage buff, also changed the blood magic on leap for lifetap

2- Mana problem quickfixes since 3.14:
2.1-Inspirational ascendancy as the final ascendancy for banners, making the total damage while placing war banner is much higher (damage goes for pre-nerfs level for 10s) -> easier method, though you lose adrenaline and intimidate, i also leveled Precision a bit more
2.2- you can anoint charisma + allocate champion of the cause node instead of bannerman -> still some damage loss, more expensive anoint
2.2- you can also achieve same results with enlighten 4 but you need to ditch some other utility gem like vaal grace and recolor many sockets to make the reservation optimal without Inspirational -> even more expensive

3-Paradoxica maybe will be more expensive while bottled faith will be cheaper?

4-Defiance banner may be the best against endgame bosses, but requires testing

3.13 Update

The build got a bit nerfed damage-wise - around 18% due to less impale in champion ascendancy - and a tiny buff to fortify effect of 5% and more attack speed (faster leaping -> better clearing and survival)

The only unique affected is Lord of Steel -> nerf on the mod of reflected damage on area

some Alternate-Quality gems also have been nerfed, but they only matter at final stages.

The only change in the tree is the new Blade Sovereign which kinda rollbacks the Lord of Steel nerf, allocating it is optional or while you can't afford WE.

Content-wise, i expect cheaper paradoxicas due to easier acess to mastermind through the "atlas passives" especially Focused Investigation. i do not expect ritual league to drop you paradoxicas, since it is an exclusive boss drop.
On the other hand, the impale nerf will make the Watcher's eye even more expensive...so this kinda balances the budget out.
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Hello my Friend, interesting guide, but can you post another POB since the one that you posted got deleted by gethub ? bear in mind that gethub is auto deleting all pobs posted without a gethub account.

S1CKS1D3 wrote:
Hello my Friend, interesting guide, but can you post another POB since the one that you posted got deleted by gethub ? bear in mind that gethub is auto deleting all pobs posted without a gethub account.


Hey thanks for alerting me, i wasn't aware of this problem
i updated the pastebin and put the raw pob code there too
Hi Buddy.

The pastebin still have error. Would you mind upload again?
When i click the link, it show me this instead.

This page is no longer available. It has either expired, been removed by its creator, or removed by one of the Pastebin staff.
This pastebin stuff i don't have control over it so i can't fix it
but i just tested the raw code and it works fine
i hope you guys are using the community fork for PoB too

if nothing works just use the import from account tool inside pob and import my champion in heist league
does the amulet really make sense over just a really nice rare? sure you gain culling strike and lots of crit multi but it wrecks your crit chance and has no life
DotsandDashes wrote:
does the amulet really make sense over just a really nice rare? sure you gain culling strike and lots of crit multi but it wrecks your crit chance and has no life

it does not wreck crit chance as much as you think since i put a ton of crit chance on passives. I could also recommend diamond rings too but i prefer having more resistance or life
if you don't want marylene's, then it needs to be a real top tier GG amulet, like a real uber simplex with tons of crit multi or an ultra rare talisman with the right anoint
so putting cost and effectiveness in the equation marylene's is almost the only option and believe it, you only need to crit on unique mobs, just drink a diamond flask and you are set, because when a single attack hits the crit, all the following projectiles will also crit

you can also put assassin's mark instead of sniper's but as i said the build crits a lot more than expected, just a matter to get used to it
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