[3.16]Dragoon's DW Calling Lancer |High mitigation |"budget" 15M+ sDPS |99% of the Game Done|Videos

Doing kinda same but not the same variation of this build, but getting much lower dps, can someone tell what am I doing wrong?
You have only 75% impale chance for starters, you have bad enchant, you are using gmp
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Vulgarny wrote:
You have only 75% impale chance for starters, you have bad enchant, you are using gmp

Made some changes to this, what do I aim to do next? https://pastebin.com/nyvgB02n
in addition to the two things mentioned above:

You are missing quality on petrified blood and blood rage.

I might be blind but I am not seeing a constant source of life leech, anomalous vitality or a craft could help.

No +2 Watcher‘s Eye.

No source of Tailwind/Onslaught

No unique Flasks or Berserk Setup.

No ryslathas coil.

You are pathing somewhat inefficiently, if you path upwards towards charisma instead of awkwardly upwards besides acrobatics you might be able to save some points.

If you want to play around a bit you can check on the previous page, there is a PoB with my relatively min-maxed version of something very similar to your builds, just plug some of your items in and turn certain buffs off to see the impact it has on DPS.

OVerall however I would reccomend to not overly focus on the DPS numbers, this is one of those builds that can scale to high heaven and above to the point where the DPS is plain wasted, certain QoL things IMO are more important, random examples:

Phasing, 85+% Spell Surpression, reliable sources of Frenzy (and if possible endurance and power charges), all the chaos res you can get, ailment immunit, Grace.

For those moments where you „need“ a huge burst of dps just keep a Dying Sun with a „increased Effect“ Enkindling Orb handy, together with the berserk setup that is usually enough to burst down pretty much anything in 6 portals.
love the build! gonna start using it v soon. how difficult would it be to change the tree around for two hand swords, and should the tree work with the other 2 steel skills if i feel i prefer one of them?
there are no problems for swapping to other 2 steel skills since they have phys, attack and proj tags too
for 2-handers is another tree entirely and is even harder to max the build you need a lot of T1 speed and flat phys mods everywhere on your gear any ring or amulet is really expensive, you need ryslatha belt and enlighten 4 somewhere too

and another disclaimer is that killing maven was hair pulling for me, killed her at my last portal, these nerfs man :/
i see. well ill stick with your tree and use dual wield, ill experiment with the three steel skills to see which feels better with me :) currently playing on a guild league, so im putting my self at a bit of a challenge, but i will migrate to trade whenever it gets too difficult

One more question, should i build down the left side for iron reflexes + str first, the right side, or both depending on what stats i require?
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I think i have decided to use shattering steel, with your tree. feels a bit more comfortable too me
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Any Consideration of going the Hybrid Evasion/Armour route?

As a sample my char:


Can fullclear T16 Scourge Maps at 200+ Stacks, without sacrificing too much DPS (Feared and other bosses still die in seconds by swapping Quicksilver for Dying Sun). WIthout Evasion and Spell Surpression Scourge always felt way too rippy. Sadly not neccesarily the cheapest solution.

Btw, your PoB is using a pre 3.14 Paradoxica, a current one is 5+% better DPS wise because the higher Tier veiled mods.

How do you craft those gloves? Build looking great!
I still have some upgrades to do, like watchers eye, better paradoxica, but been busy crafting my chest... possible maven orb in the future! I till feel squishy with 100% spell suppression and 84 max all res, should I drop purities and go for grace? And should I go for adrenaline ascendancy, move banner to life and drop blesh and stone? Any other tips? Thanks


Build is pretty cool!
First of all, thanks a lot for the build. I had never been going so far in the game before. It helped me a lot.

I have a few questions about points I am not sure I understand correctly :)

What kind of auras do you put ? It seems I cannot use all the ones you select with the gems. If I put Vitality and flesh and stone, that's it, no more space for anything else. Should I select in the tree the reservation efficiency nodes ? (I have not prioritised those)

The ice golem dies all the time. Is it really worth to use it ?

About the reflection of the saviour sword. When is it triggered exactly ? when we do a critical strike with the off hand ?

Also on poe ninja, in scoruge some lancing steel characters tend to put some critical strike chance gems in the body armour; do you recommend that ?

Finally, what can I done to improve what I have and what have I done wrong (I feel I am not doing as much damage as what I should do but I am not sure why...). Or what should I upgrade in my equipment ?
Here is my PoB character https://pastebin.com/WUz0MZqt

Thanks again for the build and for everyone that can help me understand it better and improve my character :)
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