[3.13] CoC Ice Nova Build | Assassin | Ritual | Path of Exile 3.13

Is there a passive that I'm missing? I can't seem to get my ES as high and my life down like yours?
Hello I am struggling a lot with survivability, could anyone help?

die to regular map bosses often, always to shaper guardians.7k es
Couldnt even kill Chime earlier :(

here is my POB: https://pastebin.com/mCeUKpFR

I want to thank the poster of this build. I finally killed Sirus A8 (my goal for this league) thanks to this build. I've never gotten past A7 even with a dedicated dual nebulas gladiator. I didn't think it was possible with a 'glass cannon' build but it is! This build does so much damage and when you know the mechanics of a boss you don't need absurd defensives. I guess it's survive long with low dps or kill quick. That is from my perspective, of course with a huge budget you can create absurdly tanky AND high damage characters but I did this on a 9-10 exalts budget. I have 3 exalts and 500+ chaos left in stash in case I needed an upgrade but first try (3 deaths) did it.

I switched movement flask with Atziri for Sirus. I found that too much movement makes it more difficult to position behind Sirus. The extra chaos res and damage helps out more and I'm too poor for Bottled Faith.

Thanks again!
I'm considering doing this build in 3.13 but I'm skeptical about the defenses. Does it have max block & max spellblock? Fortify? Gain energy shield on block?
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Looking at the POB there's no dodge and 22% block. CoC Ice Nova usually is more fragile, even with acrobatics and whatnot. It survives by speedy kills and freezing mobs.

I read that it's possible to league start with this (using widowmaker and arc) but Cospris are expensive, so it's better to have this as a second character.
3.13 upgrades ?
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