[3.13] CoC Ice Nova Build | Assassin | Ritual | Path of Exile 3.13

EvOnIr wrote:
what could i improve It's going well, but I'm not completely satisfied.


thank you for your help

Your cyclone's aps is 7,75 with tailwind. It shouldn't be higher than 7,57. You can upgrade your jewels two crit multi + inc energy shield would be nice. Also you awakened coc and you don't need cdr from belt.
Can someone help I took increased critical strike support and im still not at 100% crit rate something i might be missing and dont see TY https://pastebin.com/QuAmPHcD

You forgot to tick "Is the enemy on full life". You don't need inc crit strikes.
ScurraAnima wrote:
Anyone mind looking over my build? https://pastebin.com/fMhtCCuf
Currently the furthest I've ever played PoE and I'm doing T8/9 maps atm.
Damage feels alright but I tried Atziri and got deleted by the flame rings. Would like to have more ES and esp evasion/block, but dunno where I should start.

Thanks and cheers. :)

Atziri has different mechanic than other mobs. It's normal to die there if you don't have that fight. You have too many skill gems on your pob link. Send me a clean link. Also you have life flask, life items. I don't know man it's too complicated.
leonsalem wrote:
I am not able to use hatred, zealotry and discipline (that are socketed on my shield) and I get a message that I don't have enough life. I can use all three if I take the Sovereignty node (which you did not take).
any ideas why?

Maybe you don't have enough life. Put herald of ice on your shield insted of hatred and drop flesh and stone or spider aura.
How negatively is coc affected if I am over 7.57 aps with cyclone. Having issues with either being under 7.57 or going over like 8aps
wishdropper wrote:
Istvan_86 wrote:
Hello and thanks for the guide, very realistic and really budget.

I´m playing a very close setup in tree/gem setup, just minor differences. I´m having troubles sometimes with ignite and bleed. How do you deal with that ailments? ATM I replace my cinderswallow for some flask of staunching.

Also I take Mistwalker for elusive + ATK speed bonus, with it I´m on 7.33 APS with 100% hit chance.

Here is my pastebin for PoB Fork: https://pastebin.com/JAdJ4a9u

Any advices appreciated, mostly with the ailments part. I can´t see CoC Assassins in poe ninja using any kind of anti bleed and it´s starting to be a problem for me.

Thanks for your time.

Hey first of all thanks for good comments.

About ailments,
- Freeze and chill -> Flask
- Burning and ignite -> Soul of Abberath (Not giving immunity but really helps.)
- Shock -> Soul of Arakaali

I don't have bleed immunity flask or anything but using jewel with "Corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you" mod. Bleed shouldn't be a problem. Worst case scenario you can use vaal discipline.

I see your effective crit chance %81. That might be a problem. You may wanna take ambush and assassinate instead of mistwalker.

Sorry for the delay in my answer, a few busy days. Since the inclusion of anti corrupted blood gem, my life is a lot beautiful, also I´m using Abberath and for freeze and curses i always be prepared.

Here is my PoB Fork updated: https://pastebin.com/S9TiGvJb

do you have an updated PoB for lvl 100?
MangeXTC wrote:
do you have an updated PoB for lvl 100?

You can use those points for cluster jewels or get more energy shield from tree.
Wellp, here's my take on your build. Shlightly changed, lil altered and bit min - maxed. Hope, that POB works.

The belt has crit chance on shock but where does the shock come from? I dont see it.

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