Path of Exile Community Designed Microtransaction - Poll #2

Community Designed Microtransaction - Skill Type

Movement Skill
Golem Skin
Popular Top 10 Active Skill in Heist
Summoner Skill
Melee Skill
Bow Skill
Spell Skill
Shield Skill
Trap Skill
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Chima wrote:
Why didn't we chose shields; why?!

i feel you there .
a new counter-based skill-/ support-gem
or a little love to tempest shield would be sweet
I think it should go to the skill has only one or even no MTX first, like Ground Slam, like Fireball
Most of the aura's i have i cant use since they are to obtrusive. Make them in layers that can be toggled. that way i could use more than one aura.

I really like some of the effects but that the whole center of it covers my map and character when i tab to find a door etc, makes it so i cant use them.
Cpt. Wraeclast Spectral Shield Throw when?
Mushroom spell totem with spore dark pact mtx
TauOrigin wrote:
many old melee skills have a boring effect..

But please stop making CELESTIAL effects.

Nope. I tend to buy every celestial effect i can use.

Speaking of which... Celestial blade vortex + celestial plague bearer pls

At least a plague bearer effect that goes well with existing BV MTXs
How about an Animate Guardian Skin, the random Items usually do not look great.
Perhaps ice shot?
Everdark wrote:
I think it's about time we got some pink themed MTX.

pls stop giving them ideas...... enough with the mtx for this league.
more bug fixes less mtx pls!
i would LOVE to buy a mtx button that reduces ALL SKILL/GAME GFX EFFECTS. in options.

i'd love to buy a button that disables ALL other player WORN MTXS from my screen.

just sayin.

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