Path of Exile Community Designed Microtransaction - Poll #2

Community Designed Microtransaction - Skill Type

Movement Skill
Golem Skin
Popular Top 10 Active Skill in Heist
Summoner Skill
Melee Skill
Bow Skill
Spell Skill
Shield Skill
Trap Skill
Poll closed
more summon mtx
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New Zombies, please.
Slam skill mtx's ground slam needs some love
I have been hoping for a rainbow theme of skins....
Dear players saying the "top 10 popular" voting option is for multiple skills, please read.

It states "top 10 popular SKILL from Heist"

SKILL, singular, as in we would vote again. Or more probably the devs would pick one of the 10 most popular skills used during heist.

Either way, i know for a fact it wont be Hexblast.
TauOrigin wrote:
many old melee skills have a boring effect..

But please stop making CELESTIAL effects.

I agree. Celestial type of mtx doesn´t fit with melee. And also we saw a lot of them now time for something new / different.
This is simple.

Particles skin - semi transparent + smaller version
Aoe skills skin - semi transparent + simpler version

There are many tiers of builds in poe. And when creating build one of most important things is so you can actually see what kills You.

Thats why many even popular builds are no-nusable in the end, or you have to switch various gem to make damage low but at least see something on scree so first enemy particle wont oneshot You.

Just an example :
Mage nekromancer - You see sh***t :D literally nothing, and if enemy shoots at You , dream on to be able see or react.

Eelementalist - Golemancer with spikes spam everywhere.

Those builds have problem in any running around mechanics scenarios, and are definitelly unwanted in parties sadly.

So some semi-transparent skill skins could be gamechanger here.
I think it's time we have some MTX for other skills like Trap and Mine,Golem, Zombie. These skills have too few skill effects.
TauOrigin wrote:
many old melee skills have a boring effect..

But please stop making CELESTIAL effects.

There can´t never be enough CELESTIAL effects. I love them.

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