Path of Exile Community Designed Microtransaction - Poll #2

Community Designed Microtransaction - Skill Type

Movement Skill
Golem Skin
Popular Top 10 Active Skill in Heist
Summoner Skill
Melee Skill
Bow Skill
Spell Skill
Shield Skill
Trap Skill
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Anything with minions, but nothing too fancy.

I'm thinking summon skeletons. Give them some cool armour and shields, perhaps random weapons if possible. Not too bright or too big, less is more.

As someone said before, summon phantasm could perhaps need a new skin.
Hollow_Ichigo wrote:
Why Golems have a separate category, since we already have summoner skills option? Weird.
And what 10 top Heist skills actually are? What I am even voting for? There's 0 guarantee my skills are among them.

But that aside, shield skills. I am a sucker for Herald skins, but I think we already have more that required, all of which are pretty. Plus, might actually try some shield build in some future.

There's one category which isn't in the list that I would vote for instantly. It's called "updating old Herald mtx to be usable with Herald of Purity/Agony".

That's actually super interesting. I would love some free MTX for herald of Purity and Agony. Maybe one day if they feel like working for free for some of us.
I vote for clockwork carrion golem. it looks just so out if place with the other golems.
I like my loot like my steak - RARE
One of the newest skill - flame wall , released in v3.12 Sep 2020 - is in dire need of new mtx. It currently looks like it was made in PoE v1.0 from 8 years ago. Crude...
Please make a Soulrend mtx that isnt purple or cosmic, like Darkwood or Project

Also, please make a bust Summon Raging Spirits like the floating heads in the Reliquary!!
And please make a Unique bust boss from Oriath Statue 5 decoration! LOL

Last edited by Avelrod on Oct 7, 2020, 2:19:06 PM
I vote for a ranged skill effect as a skill effect type
Can we please have a celestial sweep.
TauOrigin wrote:
many old melee skills have a boring effect..

But please stop making CELESTIAL effects.

But the celestial line looks sick though imho. I have like atleast 8 of them and wouldn't mind adding more to that collection hehe :)
I really need more cat mtx to go with my Heist Cat. Cat Skitterbots maybe?

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