Path of Exile Community Designed Microtransaction - Poll #2

Community Designed Microtransaction - Skill Type

Movement Skill
Golem Skin
Popular Top 10 Active Skill in Heist
Summoner Skill
Melee Skill
Bow Skill
Spell Skill
Shield Skill
Trap Skill
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Undead scarecrow for zombies or skeletons.
Banner replacement effect pls

bob omb skeleton skin
Need more brains, exile?
I would like a skin for Block procs/ Evade procs/ Elusive procs/ Critical hits

I mean if I make a block or elusive build why shouldn't my character look fucking badass when they do it?

How about mtx for freeze procs, burn procs, bleed procs...

also when the heck are you going to give us a REAL bear trap where a bear jumps out of the bear trap and mauls the enemy?

and yeah you can pay me for this suggestion by giving me a ton of mtx and or hiring me yes let's do that ;3
In the future I think doing a poll like this would be better if you listed out a handful of skills and ideas you have been throwing around for each one for the options. This way it isn't weighted so much into the skills that are likely to apply to the most players as an option because why wouldn't they pick that one. Also having an idea of directions of effects would be more compiling.

My top 4 skills I'd like to see new effects for in no real meaningful order are Spark (that isn't as eye cancer as spiders), Armageddon Brand (please stop nearing me I want a buff, thank you), Purifying Flame, and Scourge Arrow.
banner replacements is an idea , yea

How about some less-sparkly effects? I love the cosmic stuff that's been coming out, but it's getting hard to see what's going on in a fight with all the glowing and particles. I can't count the number of times I've lost sight of my cursor in a field of particles and died. On my current screen I have a clockwork golem, a miracle skin golem, and the arctic ice golem, so I can't really see my staff mtx. I definitely have to invisible out my aura and herald effects if I want to see my outfit.

You can make nice effects that don't scream for attention.

Also, some banner replacements *would* be nice.
I would like either a red, green, or Blue mtx for any golem not just the individual colors for its element.. My yellow or Stone type Golem skins are boring me to tears... What does Yellow have to do with regen anyway shouldn't it be pink or red? Just sayin.
Summon Anime Skeletons that naruto run. Ty
Can we get MTX that makes the league playable pls

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