[3.11] Scarfuncle's Shield Charge Impaling Gladiator -Max Block, Great speed, Pack Explosions

Yes, we get fortify on our weapon. I don't leave home without it!

Hardcore is hard. Yes, I'd do dual curse and drop the ripostes and stuff. I haven't died in a long time, but prior to ascending (and 50 block) you are susceptible. Pretty much after you start mapping, nothing gets you except the poison conquerer. I would seek out high leech and attack speed and try not to "zoom to your doom."

Obviously your biggest enemy is damage over time. Be sure to get anti burn, poison, freeze, and bleed flasks. I would also turn off blood rage when running the lab. Consider a stone golem too.

As for the other post about the champion, I'm happy to hear that you reported back! Sorry it didn't work out. Attack speed and block is so vital, so I'm not surprised it didn't work, but I had hope it would work as a champion.
How do you life leech with your current build? It eludes me.
Charder wrote:
How do you life leech with your current build? It eludes me.

I (and I believe Scarfuncle also) got the Lust for Carnage wheel for the life leech, since all our damage is physical, and the one mana/life leech node directly south of vaal pact for the mana leech.
Really loving this build, thanks to Scarfuncle with the in-game help with my shield. Really fun playstyle, great build, cool author, very glad I bumped into this.

During leveling I used Clarity so i never even used a mana potion, coupled that with Vulnerability/blasphemy support and ran into mobs while cursing everything. Lots of ability to tinker and play with this one.
Scarfuncle anything new about the build?
i love this build very much ez to lvl and ez to play with
Check my profile for anything new on the build.

I did change the passive tree slightly and specced out of "measured fury." Intimidating cry is good to level with, but once you get an awakened melee physical damage support gem you can get intimidate from that. The respec connects "master of the arena" to "warrior's blood" which gives a little boost of intelligence. Eventually, I will respec out of call of arms to stop using warcries altogether.

Build is up to about 2m dps and my rings/weapon/belt are subpar. My shield is pretty good (thanks "remove" crafting mods!) and my armor is great (Thanks again to harvest for replacing my non-red sockets with red ones).

I'm going camping for the next few days, so I apologize if I do not reply.
I was playing with Earthshatter Jugg but decided I wasn't feeling it and then stumbled upon this awesome thread!

I am playing SSF up to act 4 and it's really fun! I always love when games or movies use the shield as a weapon. This is the perfect build for that.
do you know if bloodscent cluster would work with shield charge? i am trying to figure out a way to use rage to take advantage of berserk gem. since 3.11 we cannot generate rage with warcry and bloodscent seems like the only viable option if it works... since we use shield to attakc instead of sword, i do not think it would work, however, if someone can test it i would really appreciate!
I too am trying to find a way to get rage back. It was really good. Bloodscent will not work since we attack with a shield rather than a sword. The totem attacks, so the totem might gain rage but you won't. It's confusing.

A more elegant and easier way to get rage would be to use rage support on riposte and reckoning. I've tried linking rage support to reckoning and ripose AND the warchief totem and I rarely got over 10 rage. The brilliant part of the warcry was that it kept it going between packs, but if we don't get a rage every 4 seconds we start losing it faster than we gain it.

Theorycrafting, you could do some shenanigans with hitting yourself to keep rage going since the rage stays as long as you keep getting hit. Scold's Bridle is ill-suited (spell damage??) and Gluttony is certainly wrong (no armour??), which leaves heartbound loop and that's just a lot to go through.

Keep thinking on this.
I have an update to the guide. cwdt punishment isn't that good. You'll want to do reckoning, curse on hit, punishment. It procs all the time (once your block is above 50) and really boosts damage.

I'll update the full guide later.

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