[3.11] Scarfuncle's Shield Charge Impaling Gladiator -Max Block, Great speed, Pack Explosions

"Ethical damage" against shaper/guardian with no vaal skills, no banner toss, 1 block, flasks up. Meant to represent low end DPS.

"Unethical damage" vs white mobs with vaal skills, flasks, banner tossed, 3 blocks recently. Meant to show upper end DPS. EDIT: A follower of this build has exceeded 14 million damage with shield charge as their main skill. Congratulations Glorfindal!

While shield charge is an afterthought for most builds, it functions very well as a main skill. In 3.10, the AOE of shield was quietly doubled, giving shield charge solid AOE once supported. Shield charge fits into the "never stand still" meta we currently find ourselves in. Possessing fast clear, solid defenses, and multiple ways to scale damage, this build is for the player who enjoys moving fast, tanking all content, and doing things a little differently.

This build is the result of an experiment where I did not look at any build guides for inspiration. My goal was to keep my creativity very high and really learn the concepts so that I could develop a truly original build to this community. I hope you enjoy it!

This was my 3.11 starter - I had no other builds this league. See my character Shield_Charge_Guy for where I'm at this league. Add me as a friend if you wish.

3.11 Changelog

Aug 3 2020 - Added Glorfindal's POB link for those who want to see what adding serious end game gear can do for this build. I'm constantly impressed how this build has something for the first time player and the end-game completionist. Shield Charge is amazing <3

July 11 2020 - The guide is complete for harvest. I updated a video showing what clearing looks like with Devastator and the new gloves.

The main concepts of this build remain in 3.11, but with a loss to single target damage (goodbye warcries and rage!). We received a big boost to clear DPS in return though thanks to Devastator and these new gloves

We are still shaper viable for 3.11. It will take being ~lvl 95 and obtaining over 6k life but yes it is doable.

Example of AOE :-)

Pros and Cons

*Provides speed without compromising dps or defenses
*Can facetank most content because it is at max block at nearly all times
*Amazing speed through the acts
*Can function entirely on rares making it excellent for a "craft-centric" league- absolutely SSF viable up to Elder and t16s.
*Can run on potato PCs.
* Stuns most bosses up to about t15 with no investment in stun.
*Basic gear is cheap! A 1c prismatic eclipse is the only unique I'd strongly suggest you get.

*Some maps layouts just aren't made for Shield charge - we prefer straight shots (then again, most builds do).
*This is not COC Ice Nova - it's not going to clear whole screens. This is the tradeoff we make when we have beefy defenses and make a build on a budget. Besides the recommended unique armour, nothing else costs over 1ex.
*The tooltip damage is wildly inaccurate. Path of building community fork gives us the real numbers, so if you’re unwilling to download the POB community fork, it will be difficult to gauge endgame damage (post-level 90).
*Prefers to avoid no leech maps – No regen maps can be overcome with a mana potion. Phys reflect is overcome with a sextant.


You shield charge into stuff and hit them like a truck. Then, if the enemy didn't die, holding shield charge at close range attacks without moving. For clearing, you hold the button down and point your mouse in the direction of the enemies and it just zooms, popping and exploding packs as it goes!

For bosses, you switch to blood mode, pop the flasks, and partner with your totem buddy until you’re done. Other options are vaal haste and tossing a banner down for a temporary boost.

The build primarily relies on Shield Charge, attack speed, life, “More” physical damage, impale stacks, and scaling added physical damage and effect of non-curse auras. We don't use any elemental damage, critical hits, spell damage, or minions so avoid all these on your gear.


This build is constantly improving - The videos near the top show where the build currently stands. It is a powerful and fun playstyle.
Six Link setup:

Typical mapping gameplay (Harvest)- https://youtu.be/golykO-Ntj0
Shaper - lvl 95: https://youtu.be/ni8yLgk2ieM
Pit of the Chimera - Cleared with Delirium lvl 95: https://youtu.be/Kk39a3IdtEk
Deathless Simulacrum - Waves 10-20 lvl 94: https://youtu.be/HQMLqvMuCPc

Elder lvl 94: https://youtu.be/B6pwUnFt18s
Clearing level 94: https://youtu.be/4bz-CcVYcqU

Five Link setup:

Clearing lvl 92: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFDJaKeQVyc&feature=youtu.be

Chimera Boss lvl 92: https://youtu.be/HsRoVmwa7Ac

Cortex lvl 93: https://youtu.be/lGOuUFMg4k4

Path of Building Link

Average gear - https://pastebin.com/fZqYEmau

Note that POB isn't accounting for the attack speed/dex/life boosts on brutal restraint. It also isn't calculating Versatile Stance switch buffs or non-vaal skills gaining ~60% increased damage during at this time. I have added a life flask with the mods that POB is missing, but don't have it activated in the above link.

Super gear (Glorfindal version)- https://pastebin.com/ubGkauSX

To see accurate numbers, I suggest the POB community fork.
To download Path of Building Community fork: https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/fiy93d/localidentity_community_path_of_building_fork/

Passive Tree

The pastebin above is far more descriptive. For newer players who don't have Path of Building, or for those who just want a quick peek at what the common passives are, see these links:

Level 66 www.poeurl.com/cXsj
You will need a small respec between 66 and 90
Level 94 www.poeurl.com/cXsl
The extra passives left over are for the large cluster jewel.


Arena Challenger>Painforged>Versatile combatant>Violent retaliation.

Gem links, Synergy, and Interactions

Main Attack:

Shield charge gains bonuses from our high armour shield, which also makes up for the lack of armour on our chest. Shield charge gets us up close, so we depend on high block to tank everything. The Melee phys damage support, brutality, pulverise, and impale support add "more" damage, which makes them excellent supports. Conc effect adds great damage if you have a blue socket.

Trigger Skills:

Reckoning is the better of the two because it can activate twice as often as riposte and it is an AOE skill, which means it benefits from area damage and AOE that you're already using for shield charge. Riposte requires more dexterity, but it is green so it fits in the Prismatic Eclipse very well. You can support it with culling strike or close combat to grant extra dps to shield charge.

Riposte and Reckoning gain extra damage from the painforged passive, but their real utility is adding supports. The culling strike, close combat, end charge on melee stun, curse on hit, blind, chance to bleed, rage support, or whatever casual debuffs you can link to these trigger skills are your silent buddies in combat. Use em, love em.


Blood rage grants us frenzy charges and life leech which provides us a way to recover without using the life potion. The build makes use of leech. Frenzies are incredibly useful for us because it gives damage ,move speed, and faster life regen due to leeching.

Molten shell and vaal molten shell can provide extra protection. Not really necessary for the build, but I use it for leveling sometimes. Drop it if you're struggling for room or if you've reached max block.

Ancestral Warchief seems like an odd choice for this build, since its DPS is based off your weapon rather than your shield. Its utility comes from the 18-32% more melee damage when it's up. I can't tell you how many times I have used my totems to help in Uber lab or to proc culling strike. It even gets fortify and resolute technique because it uses your weapon!

Vaal haste is something I added this league for extra attack and movement speed. We don't reserve the aura - we just use the skill. It gains a lot from our aura effectiveness nodes. On that subject...

Auras and Banners:

This build makes use of "increased effect of non-curse aura" mods, so we get a surprising amount of damage here. Dread banner is required for this build. We need that impale chance and effectiveness. Pride adds over 20% more damage to the build and combines with the watchers eye to grant us over ~10% chance to do double damage each attack. Blood and sand add lots of DPS for barely any investment. More DPS means more stuns and leech which makes your offense start to feel like a defense.

Flesh and Stone provides on the fly defense and offense (don't forget to link to maim!) and grants us tons of attack speed due to our Arena Challenger Ascendency passive. Sand mode is excellent for AOE in combination with the AOE from the new versatile stance wheel, carcass jack, and pulverise.

Option 1 - Cast When Damage Taken

CWDT tempest shield+punishment is so useful because god knows we're all too lazy to self cast stuff. set and forget for easy block chance. You can link a guard skill like molten shell or immortal call to CWDT too if you wish.

Option 2 - Curse on hit

This option will require you to selfcast tempest shield or find a way cwdt it. I prefer this option because reckoning has such a large aoe that you curse everything all the time. I even link life gain on hit here for extra life!

Leveling Guide Acts 1 to 10

Leveling Skills
Quick links for endgame Shield Charge

4 Link Shield Charge> Impale Support(31)> Brutality (38)Melee physical damage support (18)/Awakened Melee phys dam (72)

5 link> Ruthless(5) or Conc Effect (18) or Fortify (31) if you need it.

6 Link>Pulverise(31)

Note on Shield charge Keybind

For the sake of your hands, bind shield charge to w, q, or a on your keyboard. You aim with the mouse and hold the shield charge button to go. It will cause hand strain if you put it on right or middle click.

Acts 1-10

A note for players doing this as a leaguestart- Like most melee builds, this one can be a rough leaguestart. It kicks into gear once you ascend around level 35. If you don't give up, you will be rewarded!

For your first attack skill, get Perforate from Nessa to use until we get shield charge at level 10.

At level 4, pick up Blood and Sand. Start using it with perforate to get a sense for how they work together - we will use blood and sand modes constantly. You can abandon perforate for shield charge at level 10.

Grab War banner for passive accuracy. You can toss the flag down, but I never do.

Riposte and Reckoning are available at level 4 as well. Throw them somewhere in your gear to passively grant you good effects when you link them to supports. You can link them to onslaught, maim, life gain on hit, and especially endurance charge on melee stun. This endurance charge machine works wonders, but endurance charge on melee stun can be dropped when you get the aggressive bastion passive.

Grab Ancestral protector (level 4) and use it for bosses. Standing near it gives you more attack speed.

Once you’re level 10, start using shield dash immediately. At this point, your weapon's damage no longer matters - your shield's armour/evasion become your "weapon." See the equipment sections for more on this, but basically look for high armour on your shields.

Early links you should consider for shield charge are Onslaught (Level 1) and Maim (Level 8). You may be tempted by elemental skills like added fire or lightning damage support, but get used to not using any elemental damage. Later we lose all ability to do elemental damage, so don’t put a lot of time or currency into anything elemental.

Grab Leap Slam at level 10. It’s useful for clearing gaps.
At level 20, consider Melee Physical Damage (Level 18), faster attacks (Level 18) for shield charge. Get culling strike or close combat (18) for your ancestral totem/riposte/reckoning.

Flesh and Stone is also available (16) but I find that it cuts into the mana supply this early in the game. If you are doing good on mana, remember to link maim to flesh and stone and it will provide a great boost to your damage.

Blood rage (16) is an option you can take now or later on a Cast When Damage Taken (CWDT) setup. You’ll have to hard cast it if you take it now, but it grants a nice speed and leach boost. I always hard cast mine. It speeds things up greatly when leveling.

Act II Bandits

Kill them all! Show no mercy!

At level 24, drop War Banner for Dread Banner
At level 28, drop Ancestral protector for Ancestral Warchief. Get the Vaal version if possible.

Impale Support – level 31. Pulverise is also an excellent alternative that grants good AOE. It pairs well with Blood rage if you’re using that.

At level 38, pick up Brutality. It adds a lot of damage to shield charge.

At level 38, I recommend a curse on hit setup of Reckoning>Curse on hit>Punishment.

If you are doing a cast when damage taken setup, Get CWDT support (1)>Tempest Shield (7)>Punishment(5)>Immortal Call/molten shell (3). I personally like to hard cast my guard skills, so Molten shell is a great option to grab at this time if you’re into that.

As you approach level 66, you will gain access to the -mana cost crafts for your jewelry. Look for reputable crafters in the POE forums who will add this for you for free.

Once you have -mana cost to non-channelled skils, your mana should barely move when you use shield charge. It’s safe to use the pride aura (24) at this point.

Once you find yourself with extra slots, consider vaal haste. Use can use it for a quick speed boost and it just melts bosses. DON'T RESERVE THE HASTE AURA.

Leveling Gear

Use any Armour/Evasion/Armour-evasion shield until level 20. Then, get The Deep One's Hide.

Grab a belt of the deceiver starting at level 20. It's good enough to get you though 10 acts.

At level 30, get Titucius' Span. Ride that shield until level 51.

At level 34ish, you should be finishing up act 3. Time to ascend. This is when things get fun. You'll be taking Arena challenger and getting big speed.

Once you're ascended, take a minute to get new gear. Here is my crappy gear from day 1 of Harvest.

Level 35 Leaguestart gear. Yours should be about equivilent.

At level 33, get the Deidbellow. It may cost like 10c early league, but you can buy the dying cry prophecy and start using it in act 3. It is incredible and could be an end game helm if it just had life on it. If you can't afford that, look for The Gull helmet.

If mana starts being an issue, there are mana great uniques you can buy for super cheap.

At level 46, 4 linking a Belly of the Beast will get you up to level 62 when you can pick up a 5L Carcass Jack. We choose Carcass Jack over Bronn's Lithe because Bronn’s has a high dexterity cost and doesn’t give the precious area of effect we need to clear packs effectively. The lack of life and resists on Bronn's doesn’t do it any favors either.

At level 51, buy a rare Girded Tower Shield with the highest armour you can afford. If it is league start, you may have to make your own. Remember you can craft armour and increased armour on your shields. This is the best base for your level.

At level 67, repeat the process with Colossal Tower Shield. This is your new favorite type of shield since it has the highest armour potential. Buy one with ilvl 86+ as they offer the highest potential armour rolls.

After speaking with many new players, a common mistake is to assume unique shields are the best. any rare shield over 2000 armour is stronger than all unique shields. Don't be fooled - uniques aren't the best shield for you.

Leveling tips

•For the passive tree, get mana flows and Art of the Gladiator for mana and speed, then get "life and mana leech" to the right. Next, get Defiance for a block chance. Next, path left and pick up Aggressive Bastian. Grab resolute technique above that and fill in the rest, prioritizing block chance. You can save impale nodes until you're level 50 or above. Save the cluster jewel for last.
•Your damage scales off your shield, not your weapon. If your weapon says +physical damage, it usually means to attacks with that weapon, which we do not use for the most part. While leveling, you can grab a sword that adds 40% global accuracy. Anything that says “global” on a weapon is good for you.
•Energy shield on your armour is typically useless. We want life.
•You’ll be starved for intelligence while leveling. Getting some intelligence on your gear will really help.
•Mana regeneration or Mana Leech can help you with mana in the beginning. You can get Mana regeneration from mana flows at the Duelist start. If you are really struggling, path over to the life/mana leech south of vaal pact and grab that node.
•Use Clarity if you are very poor and need more mana regen. Eventually, we’ll craft -mana cost on our rings and amulet.
• You should have over 4000 life by the time you start mapping. If you don't, just take it easy and upgrade your gear so that it has life on it.
• If you are having trouble surviving in red maps, it's probably because you don't have anti-burn/poison/bleed on your flasks. The second common reason is that your chaos resist is in the negative. Getting it to the positive will make a world of difference.

Leveling Guide - Gearing for maps and beyond

Here are your major priorities once you start mapping:

1) If you're new, see this guide to how to do your atlas for maximum efficiency
2) Get max elemental resists and 4k life as soon as possible. Time to buy new gear!
3) Buy 14+ quality versions of all the gems that you can, starting with the ones linked to shield charge. The best time to do this is right after you upgrade your shield so you don't notice the initial dps drop from leveling a gem from level 1.
4) Go to Global chat room 820 and look for trials so you can do the Eternal Labyrinth (Aka uber lab)
5) Buy a cheap 6 link body armour. My favorite thing to do is get a corrupt one with lots of red links and low enough int and dex that I can wear it.
6) Work toward getting 92 int for a Carcass Jack
7) Work toward getting rings and an amulet with non-channelling skills have -9 total mana cost. Once you get these, you should easily be able to reserve 90% of your mana and sustain your attacks.
8) Follow the shield guide here to build yourself a good one so you can keep your dps high.
9) Boots with movement speed, life on all of your rares, and keeping your resists max while inching your chaos resists up. Use those jewel sockets to fill the gaps.
10) Remember that you can respec and that you don't have to follow the tree exactly. If you need mana leech, go path to it. If you need int, take it! Just respec later when you can find better gear.

See below for specific gearing growth recommendations.


Here is the order of preference for your enchants:

Blood and sand buff effect>Dread banner effect>Shield charge speed>Blood rage speed>Shield Charge damage>Punishment effect

Crown of the Inward Eye is a fantastic helm - Balancing offense and defense, I have found no better helm. The transfigurations aren't really self-explanatory, so this item flies under the radar. Here are what the transfigurations do:

Transfiguration of Soul: Increases and Reductions to Maximum Energy Shield also apply to Spell Damage at 30% of their value
Transfiguration of Body: Increases and Reductions to Maximum Life also apply to Attack Damage at 30% of their value
Transfiguration of Mind: Increases and Reductions to Maximum Mana also apply to Damage at 30% of their value

Until you can afford one, consider essence crafting less mana reserved on a rare helmet.

If you prefer using rares, you could make a helmet that causes enemies to take more damage. You’ll want to get an elder influenced shield charge helm with -physical dam to nearby enemies. Making your own will require an elder helm with item level 85+. Mine has focus mods on it, but use what YOU like - there are so many good crafts.

To make it, you'll want to use Jagged, pristine, and maybe corroded fossils. Here is the link to the current odds in Craft of Exile:


You can level with Aurumvorax and perhaps advancing fortress until you pick up Prismatic Eclipse at level 53. Immediately turn all the sockets green – we want that global attack speed. Upgrade to one with a good corrupted implicit (fortify on hit first, but resolute technique can save you two passive points on the tree). I find someone who can sell me one with both.


You want high armour – everything else is gravy. To craft your own super shield, buy an ilvl 86+ colossal tower shield and use a deafening essence of dread on it. Round this shield off with a craft for extra quality+int then for extra fun get Haku in research to improve quality even further. I think it is possible to get over 3000 armour on your shield. I’ve tested whether mods like “increased global phys damage” or “chance to deal double damage” can compare to extra quality, and quality wins every time.

Harvest is a great league for building your own shield. I bought a shaper base ilvl 86 and have had fun crafting my shield. Do you need a shaper base with shock and chill? No. look at craft of exile and see what mods you can get on shields:https://www.craftofexile.com/?b=5&bi=7763&i=|&ob=both&v=d&a=e&l=a&lg=3&bp=y&as=0&bld={}&ggt=|&ccp={}

Body Armour

Carcass Jack is an excellent armour for our build – I’ve looked into other options and nothing seems to beat it. It grants a satisfying squishy sound as an extra bonus. If you can't afford a 6L, a 5L works great. I took out my first shaper on a 5 link (Shield Charge, Awakened Melee, Brutality, impale support, and bloodlust.

Note - This is off-color. I suggest using seed crafts to get as many red nodes as possible. If you get green, slot faster attacks. If you get blue, slot conc effect. Folks are selling seed crafts that turn slots to red for 15c and less - google poe trade discord to find the link to the market.

If you hate seeds or they take them away in 3.12, vorici in research can add white sockets to it.

While leveling, I recommend a corrupted chest that has mods like this.


The Great Old One's Tentacles gloves are really the best. I'm sure for bossing you could use rare spiked gloves, but 99% of the time these are all you need. The impale chance won't matter too much since you should be maxed out on it from the tree and dread banner. go for high phys damage and life.


Look for movement speed, life, block chance, and a bunch of resists. Late game, I like using this benchcraft to add nearly 60% damage to shield charge during soul gain prevention (which is like all the time). Chaos resists are always a winning choice.


Your amulet and rings are very versatile, but at least two should have “non-channeling skills have – mana cost.” Hopefully, all have Life and physical damage added to attacks.

Use your rings and especially your amulet to get intelligence and mana solvers like leech or regen. The amulet can also be enchanted to solve all sorts of problems you may have. My suggested anoints are Sovereignty, Hematophagy, Blood drinker, Panopticon, command of steel, soul raker, or master of force.

Aul’s uprising to give us free pride would definitely add a lot of dps, but it’s prohibitively expensive.


Stygian vice is still the best in slot belt. Your first ones should have high life and resists, but eventually you’ll want to upgrade to ones with chaos resistance.


The main things you want are max Life, attack speed while holding a shield, Blind on hit, Onslaught on kill, mana leech, Global phys damage, int, dex, and chaos resist. Pick up a watchers eye that has a "while affected by pride" mod. Attack damage is good, double damage is better, and impale duration is best. Getting a watcher's eye with two pride mods adds a ton of damage, but will be very expensive.

I added Brutal restraint this league. Mine adds a ton of dexterity, about 10% attack speed, and some life. Good ones can give you free onslaught. Definitely not needed for the build, but I can tell you it's nice to not worry about dex.

A note on Inspired learning - I used it in 3.10 and it was really good! It makes mapping way more fun. It's like a mini-headhunter if you've never tried it. I suggest trying it out at least once.

Cluster Jewels

Buy a large bluster jewel with 8 passives and "Attack damage while using a shield." Roll it with alts or other means until you get Devastator. You really don't need this until yellow maps in my opinon, but the satisfying pop of the enemies is too good to pass up.

The medium jewel here is deceptively good. Buy an ilvl 84+ medium jewel that gives "increased effect of non-curse auras." Get as many passives on there as possible - a 5 passive base cost me 120c. Roll alts on it until you get increased effect. After that, you can add what you like. Each of these passive points is giving me over 3% dps and lots of int and chaos. Definitely a goal once you're in red maps.


Lion’s roar adds an amazing amount of damage and grants knockback, increasing your damage and chance to stun. It is a super synergistic item for us that is BIS. The other flasks work to prevent damage over time that gets through our blocks – anti burn, poison, and bleed. Anti freeze is a no-brainer to get as well. While leveling, I did use a rumis to help cap block.

Current Gear

This was my lvl 94 gear in Harvest. Much of it is self-crafted by buying good bases. The only thing that cost me over 1 ex was the 6l carcass jack, but I got by on a rare 6L for a long time.

The richer you get, the more you should get chaos resists on your gear. It's really good!


Soul of Lunaris and Shakari for clearing, Soul of Solaris and Ryslatha for big bosses like shaper.

Endgame theorycrafting

I am not God's gift to POE – I am 100% sure someone reading this guide could improve on this build. That’s what’s so exciting about it – it’s pretty uncharted territory here. Ideas I’ve had to add more dps are:

•Adding aspect of the spider by using -reserved mana shenanigans or affording Aul’s uprising’s for free pride.
•Dual curses – adding vulnerability on hit.
•Crafting a weapon that is better than Prismatic Eclipse. Frankly, I don’t know enough about local and global mods to know what to do here.
•Using focus to apply shocks that last 12 seconds thanks to the “increased duration of ailments while focused” mod on helmets. EDIT: I totally did try the build with focus and it works excellently.
•There is nothing that says we HAVE to use brutality. If you slot Conc effect or pulverize instead, you could take advantage of any gear that gains elemental or chaos damage as a % of your physical damage. Atziri’s promise and taste of hate become excellent under these conditions.
•Making a Champion version of this build to take advantage of impale benefits or an Assassin to get free shield charge.

If you read this far, I'm absolutely humbled you have done so. This started as a challenge to see if it was possible to defeat Siris with shield charge and it was way better than I thought. This guide was a labor of love on my part. I am not a streamer and I've never built a guide before- I work a 40 hour a week job and play poe when I can. I appreciate any attention this community is willing to give to the work I have done here. Please post if you have found a way to make it better!
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Hey man super cool idea, I had toyed with the idea of making a bleedsplosion gladiator just for zooming down channels and such myself for some speed farming once or twice. I'm personally not into block so I'd go the other way or play zerker myself for the speed/dmg. You could try warcry cluster medium jewels to squeeze out more damage and/or implement berserk for another multiplier, I believe brinkmanship should still work if you need area instead of getting it out of the medium cluster jewels and that way you can use rallying cry for more generic damage or use something else entirely/ save points by forgoing mediums entirely.

If I remember movement speed is gigantic for shield charge, if you can move your flasks around, maybe drop the silver if its not that critical for bossing in your opinion for alchemists quicksilver flask of adrenaline. Its really just a massive amount of movespeed that really might help your clearing, the boomies from the otherside of the ascendency or an explosion chest depending on how bad it feels dropping say bloodlust/brutality for pulverize, I dont know how reliably you actually bleed/debuff/curse with your counterattack or cwdt over just having a good vuln ring, its basically pseudo aoe on explosions so maybe you dont have to zigzag nearly as much when clearing in maps.

Another idea was, as good as the phys dmg watchers eye is, I believe if you had a % chance to impale watchers eye, you could drop the duelist impale wheel and dread banner freeing up more points, maybe you can make up that dps elsewhere in a different area with the points saved. Possibly picking one if not 2 fort wheels for some damage and mitigation for example.
Seems fun and refreshing in a way man by all means not a criticism at all just food for thought, might even whip up one myself before the migration this league
My first reply! Thank you so much for offering feedback. I went ahead and took your advice to drop a medium jewel for brinksmanship and it boosted my damage by 80k and gave a little area defense. nice!

I have been so focused on damage that I forgot about movement speed. I will update the clearing video with a little more love for movement speed.

I'd need some major investments before Rage would work. Rallying cry only raises the damage a little (~2%) compared to a 9% gain from dread banner, so I'll stick with the banner unless there is something I'm missing. EDIT: I didn't know what I was talking about - rallying cry adds rage which adds an extreme amount of damage. Still keeping dread banner.

While I need dread banner for that sweet sweet impale effect, I realized I was at 126% chance to impale thanks to your reply. I specced out of the Marauder impale wheel and added some life leach from the lust for carnage wheel until I think of something better to do with it.

Last edited by Scarfuncle on Jun 2, 2020, 1:30:14 PM
Thats awesome to hear! To get the rage mechanic to work you'd need a medium with Cry wolf and Mob mentality, cry wolf counts as 10 additional mobs nearby I believe so with 2 thats always 20+ whatever is near and mob mentality would be 5 rage per warcryx however many mob mentalities you have going for you, and you can link it to second wind as well. Your tree was pretty tight for points plus who knows how accessible it will be next league regardless, even without berserk rage adds a ton of generic stats but that might be pushing into a much higher budget.

You could possibly try a swap with war banner, war banner might help speed up boss kills as well with the adrenaline but you already saved a nice chunk, I'm a big fan of the lust for carnage wheel as well picking up generic stats can be kind of difficult. Without soultether I'm not sure how much you're actually having leech uptime, Ambidexterity I think still works or even graceful assault/berserking could be possible annoints to think about on top of your current setup too but those might be more sidegrades. Soul Raker also has a dual leech and recovery mod on it for annoint and I think those are non specific to claws.

Another thought was maybe checking out poedb and influence mods, some have impale effect, area if you've killed recently some interesting things for weapons. Only problem is it would have to be pretty gnarly though because the fort on hit/RT from your prismatic is really useful along with the global attack speed.

Its a cool build dude, glad I was able to offer a little help, lookin forward to the updated clearing video!
Now I remember why I wasn't using rage - Rage support is for weapons only. Doesn't stop me from getting rage from warcries though - didn't think of that.

Rallying cry and a Cry wolf medium jewel added. My DPS has skyrocketed - I ran a simulacrum deathless and absolutely deleted Kosis.

These Rage medium jewels are broken - I'm certain they will be nerfed. I'll be updating this for a 3.11 release once we know more about the fate of cluster jewels. I'm 100% certain this built is viable even without them.
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Hey. Nice guide overall, just starting to play this game, decidet to go with this build. One question though..what's wrong with pastebin? I copied your link and i just see bunch of random text on their site. Am I doing something wrong?
Hi there! Welcome to the best ARPG since diablo 2 :)

The way the code works is that you paste the url into the program and it will look it up. All those numbers in pastebin are for the computer, not you.

If I was a new player, I wouldn't want to go through the effort of downloading path of building and then downloading a community fork just to look at a build. You can paste that url into Poebuddy (https://poe.technology/poebuddy/) and it will let you see the items, passive tree, etc.

I recommend that you and all new players just follow the leveling guide and trees supplied in the guide rather than worry about path of building. If you follow the guide and try to copy the gear, it will get you through level 92 easy. Once you hit level 90, consider path of building if you want to push the build into the scariest content the game has to offer. This goes for any build you follow.

One caveat - poebuddy and the trees I posted don't account for the new "cluster jewels" or any of the impale buffs. This explains why I'm quoting numbers like 3-5 million DPS but Poebuddy thinks the build only does 100k DPS.

This will be my league starter and I will answer any questions the community has about this build. It's a good one, but admittedly unconventional. You won't find another serious shield charge build out there.
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Cool build. I definitely want to try it out for Harvest. Out of curiosity, do you remember how many challenges you completed with this specific character?
37 challenges complete.
Oh wow awesome! I wasn't sure if some of those had been completed by your other Delirium characters. Well done, and thanks for the guide!

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