[Xbox One] 3.7.2 Patch Notes

Well, it looks like there is no fix on the many crashes and FPS. Cool.
I am French wrote:
Well, it looks like there is no fix on the many crashes and FPS. Cool.

Yep, not even close yet.
Well immediately after downloading the patch my game froze 4 times in a row while trying to enter a map. No dashboard or machine gun kicks, just straight up frozen. I re-downloadded the game and still. Make ah me sad
When can us console players expect a fix for all the lags, freezes and crashes? It's making it nearly impossible to play this league. It's irritating putting effort in just to crash, die & lose all my experience.
Please don't tell me the crashes are still there, i had JUST found a way to stop the game from being unplayable, if it goes back to ground zero i'm giving up for real this tine,
Yeah man.. i love this game and I appreciate the hard work the xbox team puts in. But i'm getting sent to dashboard and game closes on me about 10-15 times a day on average since legion release. I will still keep playing cuz I honestly enjoy the PoE experience on console much more than PC. Even after playing on PC since legacy league. Hoping that the GGG xbox team can just fix these random game freezing and game resetting/closing and kicking me to the dashboard problems. Other then that.. this league is amazing, so much fun! My fave since delve.
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My experience with this patch on X one X so far:
1st attempt: The game froze and my whole xbox went to reboot
2nd attempt: The game loaded, I tried to open stash -> game froze
3rd attempt: The game loaded, stash opened successfully (yay), and I went to a hideout -> game froze on loading screen.

Thanks. Waiting for 3.7.3 or 3.7.2x patch.
Yeah I just broken my previous record lol... game has frozen 2 times on loading screen, reset twice after trying to enter map, and then froze 3 more times after entering the cemetery map I opened up. Then I froze again after starting boss fight against the enslaver in eldered cemetery. And also got booted to character screen it said "error could not connect to instance". So thats 8 straight freezes trying to fight a boss, over the course of 15 minutes.

Please GGG I wanna play PoE on console! =****( .

We will give you all the money's. Just fix the crashes. Make console PoE playable again!

Edit: I am playing on Xbox one X. It froze again right as I started fighting the boss. And I lost 10% exp. Upon logging into game afterwards. I think something in the xbox coding for PoE is fucked up hard. Please GGG! I am begging you lol.
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minion build still crashing :(
GGG i wish you would stop rushing leagues out back to back money grabbing without actually bug testing the game legion on xbox x is currently unplayable i must have crashed over 1000 times no joke seriously thinking of playing another game are you even listening to all this feedback sigh

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