[Xbox One] 3.7.2 Patch Notes

I've played another two hours after this patch was released and I have still NO ISSUES. Yes, I got some desync problems while using Cyclone but I can fix it by using Leap Slam from time to time.

Xbox One S
External SSD
No patching, always complete delete and reinstall PoE
Not using any skins or cosmetics
Changing the language to english before I start PoE
Restarting Xbox One every morning (the freeze mode on xbox sucks)

I had also crashes, increased loading times, tearing, freezes, etc in the past seasons. Dont know if it happened because I've played Minion builds or just because of bad luck, but this season is just working perfectly - but I also feel sorry for those who got the problems this time.
No freeze for me but too much lag on legion mobs.
If ggg dont fix this soon im done ive noticed a steady decline since tencent got involved more focus on mtx and microtransactions and less on the stability of you game rushing leagues out back to back We ARE NOT YOUR BUGTESTERS
By switching from any map, act or teleport:
- Epilogue = extremely time delay / lag until all objects appear
- felt 5 to 10 seconds delay, not satisfactory

Generally always a time delay / lag
Partly extreme, until objects, spheres, monsters etc. appear

Xbox One X has a generally problem with fire effects, burning ground etc.
(also visible on Red Dead Redemption 2 with burning and exploding carriages / coaches)
These things generally affect the frame rate.

For a performance mode in POE, the overall frame rate is unsatisfactory.

Please try to improve server delay / lag and overall frame rate.

We do not want a "graphic monster" we want to play fluently. :)
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I'm so sorry for you guys, I'm a PS4 player, we have the same issues there, but holy moly, you guys here for years with these problems. That's so bad. After what I saw at the forums, I'll stop too. Playing with 1-5 fps drops is too much of a hassle when you should be enjoying your free time playing.

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