[Xbox One] 3.7.2 Patch Notes

Ignore this, I was too slow to reply.
Adulting is hard. Can't I just quit?
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Any update on the eradictator bug where he would be stuck kneeling on the map and only opening a new instance or waiting for the instance to dissapear and then opening one would reset it? cost me a bunch of currency and exp killing myself to get out of the map
Is there going to be any fix of the de-sync of cyclone ? Or is it just me getting it ?
log on zone to hideout..screen freeze right off lol... restart poe zone to do lab... screen freezes at loading......
Hey GGG,

Will Cyclone work on this patch (3.7.2)? I know on PC in league it's unplayable but is that PC specific? League specific? Skill specific?
Guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2606288
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI6QBeY-yUi9kiMh52IVR4g
Broadcast: https://mixer.com/Wrecker_of_Days
Still no Vaal Double Strike fix?
Thanks for the fixes, I was having issues with interactions since I had herald of ice mapped to the A button. Really enjoying this game so far, thanks for remembering us console guys!
Hey GGG did you fix multistrike crash to dashboard when supporting Ice golems yet?
It's worse. 5 Logins, 5 crashes. It's much worse.

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