[3.21] Vatinas' Spiders + HoP Guardian - CI, 70K armour, 1400 ES on block, millions of DPS

tehKaiN wrote:
I'm playing a variant of this. Still no HoP rings, but I'm getting there. Using vaal domination as my main link because I like big bois, currently going to transition to skin of the loyal and I have some concerns about socket colors.

Eventually I want to use both HoP and DomBlow on the chest, so I'm thinking which supports should I use - PoB isn't helping here since it doesn't calculate DomBlow dmg properly.

I looked a bit around poe.ninja and ppl usually do:
R DomBlow
R (awk) melee phys dmg (54% more dmg, 10% less speed, intimidate)
R (awk) melee splash (38% less dmg, 72% more area, +1lvl to domblow)
B (awk) minion damage (44% more dmg, 25% less life, +1lvl to domblow/hop)
R behead (or brutality, 44% more dmg, crush)
G impale (10% more dmg before reduction)

I think behead is only good for mapping, not so good with bossing, which I would like to be good at, so I'd gladly swap that for something else. Splash is kinda meh since I've allocated ancestral call on the strike mastery. In order for domblow to be usable, I need multistrike, so the 3 gems are set in stone:

R DomBlow
R (awk) Multistrike (47% more speed maybe swap with something else later on)
plus I'm thinking:
R (awk) melee phys dmg (54% more dmg, 10% less speed, intimidate)
B (awk) minion damage (44% more dmg, 25% less life, +1lvl to domblow/hop)

Now the original are:
R Empower
R (awk) Melee Physical Damage (54% more dmg, 10% less speed, intimidate)
B (awk) Minion Damage (44% more dmg, 25% less life, +1lvl to domblow/hop)
B Predator (36% more dmg, targeting)
B Meat Shield (29% more speed, 30% more dmg)

I've considered dropping predator, but that would make meat shield minions be near me at all times, so they always should come in pair. So I either could go with:

R DomBlow
R (awk) Multistrike (47% more speed maybe swap with something else later on)
R (awk) melee phys dmg (54% more dmg, 10% less speed, intimidate)
B (awk) minion damage (44% more dmg, 25% less life, +1lvl to domblow/hop)
R (awk) brutality / empower


R DomBlow
R (awk) melee phys dmg (54% more dmg, 10% less speed, intimidate)
B (awk) minion damage (44% more dmg, 25% less life, +1lvl to domblow/hop)
B Predator (36% more dmg, targeting)
B Meat Shield (29% more speed, 30% more dmg)


Also, there's other way out of this conundrum - pick the unset ring and use HoP in it only for cluster jewel bonuses, but I think it'll greatly affect dps in a negative way.

I recommend you look at Ghazzy's dom blow build, it's very well made and he's optimised it a lot. One thing he does and I recommend you do too, though, is swap gems for pinnacle bosses (I believe he uses behead and melee splash - which frees a whole cluster because you don't need the mastery).
Ty for this great Build. Noob approved by me. Played it years ago and had lots of fun. Play it now in Crucible and it is awesome. Invest between 12 and 15 Divine. Atlas full. Voidstones full. Most bosses done and a ton of fun. Level 100 incoming. Good loot and fun everybody.

What should i improve next?
Vatinas wrote:

First of all - i got to say the build guide is absolutely best i have ever seen or used. By far. Very well done sir.

Playing spiders is such a blast! I am glad that i find your build.
I have brought in Heist now to lvl95.

Its very rare when i die but when i do 99% of the time is due to the ... DAMN Carion.. You teleport to new location - no spiders no herald, you forget to do weapon swap trick, and sometimes you just die cause first spider spawns are canceled by carrion.

So i decided to look for alternatives for Carion and to use suggested Punishment in 3.12 notes.

Changes i did:
- Shield : ShieldCharge->HexTouch->Punishment
- Boots : Replaced Shield Charge with Enlightment (did not think what else to put there for now)
- Annoint : replaced spider length to second curse (3 golden oils!)

I got to say it feels like :
1) Punishment is much better than Carion golem for clearing speed - its very satisfying to both boss and clear!
2) Not having carion is such a treat to cast spiders everytime you need - i dont care if i loose DPS , my sanity is worth more than cursing at stupid carion everytime he kills my spiders:)

You asked if you have ideas how to put punishment into build , this is one way, and it works magic at least for me.

That's a pretty interesting idea! :) It's true that a second curse could compensate for the lost damage of Feeding Frenzy! And if you want to push the build to its limit, remember that an Awakened Hextouch, at level 5, grants you +1 maximum curse ;) I might consider trying it out at the end of the league, when I have so many exalts that I don't know what to do with them any more, haha. Thanks for the idea, and I definitely agree, sanity is way more important than dps ;)

Hey guys, appreciate the tips. I didn't see it in the guide but when are we supposed to go CI? Also if anyone knows how to search for anomalous predator I'd love to know, because I can't find it on poe ninja. I'd love to get one for the build.


It's mentioned in the levelling section that you should go CI when you get Aegis + decent armour, basically. There's no "rule" for it though; what I do (on every CI build, not just this one) is play normally, and when I see that I can avoid losing all my ES easily and that the main danger I face is chaos damage, I go CI. :)

As for the alternate quality gems, you have a filter for it on the trade site in the "miscellaneous" category, third line. :)

niloxer wrote:
hmm fcking bad playstile i didint try it and i dont want to play dis just bc u said cyclone and herald of puryty .....your play stile make me vomit lol dont take too serius its a game after all but comon cyclone...

You're right. Your message was a wake up call for me. I took the game too seriously... I'm going to go to Tibet and meditate on the wisdom on your words. Thank you for spiritually awakening me, I will remember you on my journey.

Oh, and sorry for making you vomit :/ You can send me the bill for your carpet in PM if you want, I'll have one of my Tibetan lawyers look at it. Kah-leh phe, my friend.

Hi, Vatinas

Thanks for reply! Not only you wrote an amazing build but you even reply to comments. Amazing :)

Right back to my Curse vs Carion thing...

After few days of playing without Carion i just love the freedom of spiders anytime..Considering that i probably dont loose much DPS (hard to evaluate punishment value) i am not looking back to use that damned carion :)

Did not know about Awakened Hextouch!! And i do have extra slot for extra curse by removing carion.. SO was excited to give it a go with triple curse! Checked trade.. its 8 exalts :)) So no go for me..

BTW: replacing Carion with Punishment and adding Enalightment to boots has extra benefit - i was able to upgrade Ruthless to Melee Physical Damage in the chest. As Enlightment reduced reservation of auras.
Still missing few catalysts on rings and Enlightment is only level 3 , so maybe even will be able to use multistrike - but doubt it.

As i did not play HOE much few Questions for you sir:

1) In the world where i would get lucky and find Awakened HexTouch - what 3rd curse would you recommend?

2) Noob question -as we don't care about minion survivability - our Spirit offering is there just for Chaos damage? Is Flesh offering not better with movement and attack speed?

3) Are you experimenting with alternative quality gems? Do you have an update for us , what are your findings so far?

hahah u r the best human on the earth XD so go straigth on oùyour way
Hey I tried looking through this post for the answer as i assume its been asked before but couldnt find it. Ive never really played a minion build before and I wanted to try one this league. A friend of mine sent me a link to an Arakaali's Fang occultist build he recommended and I started leveling the character late last night.

This morning I happened across this build and after reading through the guide I can see a number of obvious differences between the way the 2 are put together and function. That said im hoping to get some info from you guys who have alot more experience with it than me as to what the upside is to this build over the occultist builds which seem to be more focused on the spiders vs the herald minions and spiders.

Again sorry if this has been answered before and I just missed it but would appreciate any info you guys can give me that will help me make up my mind which of the 2 directions i wanna go.
please tell me... how do i get LL here? I dont see any item or gem making it possible...
Would it be feasible to replace shapers touch with gravebind?
hi on my lords i have 4 red 1 blue 1 green slot what gems do u think would be best :) they crazy rare and expensive on xbox i was so lucky to get this for 2d :) the breach update as really messed up the lords this league :( i hope they can link all the markets 1 day :) cheers for great build this my 2nd time running it :)
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Hello there, great build.. i managed to get a skin of the lords with call to arms on it... now i just wanted to ask how u would integrate rallying cry in the current build or is it even with call to arms not worth anymore to use in any way?
I've followed your guide but my dmg is far far less than yours and i don't understand why.. my PoB has my HoP at about 150k dps and my spiders at 5k whereas yours are 1.1m and 15k respectively

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