[3.21] Vatinas' Spiders + HoP Guardian - CI, 70K armour, 1400 ES on block, millions of DPS

Been working on this build for awhile on Standard. Works really well, kind of at a loss on what to do next. My next steps are leveling to 100, and attempt to buy or craft a better helmet. Probably buy since I don't know the crafting system too well.
For the most part I'm pretty tanky, but I still randomly get one shot from time to time, would love to stop that from happening, lol.
If anyone has any advice on what to look into next, or how to improve my build better, I'm open to ideas! Thank you guys

Couple of questions regarding the PoB and guide

"CB Immunity" is on the label for one of the "Good Cobalt Jewels" (Socket#7 in the PoB). But the description is the same as the other two jewels except for '+8 to All Attributes' rather than '+14 to Intelligence'.

Passive tree is a bit intimidating. [Edit: Got it to work.]

Began endgame helmet crafting. Bought an ilvl 84 Hubris Circlet, scoured it and used orb of binding. Got a small fixed and big % boost to ES. Now what...

- An open suffix to craft “+1 to level of socketed AoE gems”, in which we want to socket our auras.

Thought i was all set with 3 prefixes and 1 suffix. But that AoE buff is a prefix, not a suffix. :(
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Lol, after " refreshing " a Guardian's Ascendancy, this super build'll be dead. SAD
Is the ascendancy rework a buff or a nerf?
argoniashawks wrote:
Is the ascendancy rework a buff or a nerf?

asking the real questions
argoniashawks wrote:
Is the ascendancy rework a buff or a nerf?

Hope to god it's a buff
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all I read was "vagina spiders"
I really hope this guide will be updated for 3.22 :)
Rly need update for this build!
With the big guardian nerf, we can now discuss about playing guardian or necromancer.

Guardian lost the 20% all elem res and lost immunity to curse... The same build need ~+50% all resistance with item to counter elemental weakness mode

Yes necromancer have less armour/ES but the global damage is close to x1.5, have +30% all resistance, minion speed, +50% increase skill duration

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