[3.21] Vatinas' Spiders + HoP Guardian - CI, 70K armour, 1400 ES on block, millions of DPS

the real question is.... 3.23 viable, this was one of my fav builds
mad_man_moose wrote:
the real question is.... 3.23 viable, this was one of my fav builds

Asking the real questions
mad_man_moose wrote:
the real question is.... 3.23 viable, this was one of my fav builds

why wouldn't it be viable?
Maybe this can work with a scion? champ/necro probably?
so i've decided to try and make this work as scion. it's still very WIP, and it's still not nearly as good as this used to be before the change to guardian.


what my rendition is mostly missing is:
a. curse immunity
b. some max ES
c. armour
d. damage

crest of desire helps give HoP damage without bloating the mana requirements, which is a decent workaround. Incandescent heart gives good defence, especially in the form of 25% elmental damage reduction, but a good skin could still be very beneficial.
amulet should really be anointed with charisma (probably) or even champion of the cause if i do decide to stick with vitality as the 6th aura.

other easy to make upgrades are: getting good rare rings with the missing resists and minion damage, getting better jewels, and of course, getting a couple more levels.
watcher's eye, fortress covenant, and maybe even quickening covenant, since scion affords us a couple more skill points and an access to a distant socket (though that one kind of begs to be unnatural instinct)
this build still works as is im playing it now :)
any 1 know what be best for a green support for hop my skin of lord 3b 2r 1g
it's 3.24 viable. ive doing it in gardian, with some small change due to the stuff we can have in this crafting league. ( ive over 8k ES, i've got easyly perf ring etc )

the resistance are a bit concerning and depend 100% on the jewel and on the belt.

the only difference it's that i change some point i'm not going for anointed flesh ( the point before are a waste i think ) i'm going for arcarne guarding and anoint prismatic skin ( +2 all max res )

i'm running a lot of back to basic map so it's a really good ok tier check ^^

i cant run no regen, reduce block and armor, less recovery ES and life ( because we dont regen at all in BtB ) less cooldown ( over 100% it affect the spider spawn )

but we can run the reflect and we dont die too often event with increased damage mod. ( only when cumulative damage mod like -60 all res and 300 phys to element together )

we lack a bit of dps for some mod in T17, but it's doable if the mod are well chose.

considering trying this build. I know only a few weeks til reset, but hopefully, this build is still viable

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