We're now in the second week of Legion and we're still really pleased to see how much people are enjoying the new content. We want to keep you in the loop about what we're working on and what to expect this week so we've prepared a news post that addresses some community concerns and outlines our update coming later this week.

This Week's Patch

We currently have a patch scheduled for Thursday that should include our next batch of improvements and bug fixes. These are still subject to change as we continue development and testing but below are some of the high priority issues we expect to address in this update:

  • Legion Monsters cannot be frozen and corpses cannot be destroyed once slain.
  • Players not getting Fortify if they Shield Charge with a wand.
  • Bladestorm's initial hit doesn't actually hit.
  • Adding Orb of Horizons to the Currency Stash Tab.
  • More client crash fixes.
  • Rebalancing audio for some skills that are currently too loud.
  • Item filter alerts are too quiet.

NOTE: If you believe you're experiencing a bug, please report it in the Bug Reports forum with as much relevant detail as possible. The QA team checks all reports that are made in this forum but are not able to reply to every thread. Please also check the Known Issues thread before posting to see if an issue is already known.

Other Issues

The following issues will ideally go into this week's patch but may end up in a later patch instead.

  • Increasing visibility of the Legion reward symbols.
  • Improving signalling of Legion encounters and Generals.
  • Flame Dash is double casting when only used a single time.
  • Performance problems associated with water.
  • More client crash fixes.

If you don't see an issue that pertains to you listed in this post, don't fret. This post only includes the highlight/most frequently talked about issues. If you want to make sure your issue is seen, please make a bug report using the method described above.


Our official trade website has been slow and occasionally unresponsive since Legion's launch. This is partly due to an unusually high number of Path of Exile players on the servers. We've added more servers to deal with this part of the issue.

There was also a bottleneck in the website's traffic which when uncovered, also revealed another issue with an essential service related to the website. We've band-aid fixed these for now and are working on better solutions to enable the site to handle this kind of workload in future. We will keep you updated as these improvements come in.

Server Issues

We're investigating reports of server and connectivity issues. We are working to resolve two confirmed issues - degraded server performance affecting the Japan and Singapore gateways and another widespread issue that is causing unexpected disconnections during peak time (approximately 11pm-4am NZST). We're working to resolve both of these urgently. There are several other reports we are investigating, including connectivity issues between users and several of the EU gateways.

It is somewhat tricky to definitively say what is and isn't a server issue as many things can seem like server issues when their root causes are elsewhere. We are investigating all reports and will work as quickly as possible to resolve issues that we can confirm and are within our control. We are also continuing to work on fixing any remaining instance and client crashes.

If you believe you're experiencing server issues, please share your experiences here with a WinMTR report attached so that we can assess what's happening.

On-kill Effects and Legion

We're aware that many players are feeling frustrated that some on-kill mechanics don't currently interact nicely with Legion, including the explosions from Gratuitous Violence on the Gladiator's Ascendancy Skill Tree, in addition to a few other Ascendancy skills. We are beginning the process of enabling ones that can be enabled and will make a list of those that can't be enabled due to technical limitations. This is quite a complex development process so we don't have any specifics to report just yet but will keep you updated as the work continues on these.

Thank you very much for all of your feedback and support in making Path of Exile the best it can be. We really appreciate it!
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Grinding Gear Games
hey, sao paulo gateway is having a lot issue too

pls? ;3
>Bladestorm's initial hit doesn't actually hit.

I didn't even know this was bugged, bladestorm melts stuff fast.
War is peace - Freedom is slavery - Ignorance is strength
Players not getting Fortify if they Shield Charge with a wand.

Uh, duh? This is intended. Any changes to this interaction will be reported as bugs.

You have also 8 memory leaks to fix, 3 of which are GPU-specific.
Hopefully this fixes horrific lag and predictive death shenanigans
Last edited by Jamminz on Jun 17, 2019, 5:57:04 PM
Flicker strike's still consume 2 frenzy charges I think

otherwise neat :)
Last edited by mat_deception on Jun 17, 2019, 5:53:50 PM
Is the fact, that the legion encounters (with 2-5 factions through emblems) are pretty decent up to bad when running solo. Quite good when running in groups and insane when running with headhunter? There never was such a huge difference in reward between these 3 groups of people.
Clawbased supp + carry guide
Molten strike brightbeak nonsense guide
cool, keep work and fun !
So what about SA? Most part of the time has a problem with lag, dsinc, and my game still crashing every time when I play with melee skills, not include cyclone. The game just shutdown, any error tab, just close. I'm check everything, Dx11, vga driver, DDR4 32gb ram running with RTX1080... So... Yep I wanna play with melee but this problem push me to play with spells... (no crashing game)

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