0.10.3 Patch Notes

This patch will be deployed in the early afternoon tomorrow, NZ time. That's about 14 hours away from when I post this.

Version 0.10.3
  • Added a new Dexterity/Strength skill - Cyclone: Initiates a spinning series of attacks as you travel to a target location.
  • Added two new cosmetic microtransaction effects: Sawblade Cyclone and Blue Cyclone.
  • Added four new Unique items, three of which were designed by our Diamond supporters. One of the Diamond Uniques is an end-game Map.
  • Added doors to the Vaal/Pyramid tileset.
  • Continued to incrementally improve the art, effects and environments and audio.

  • The line for each stat on the character panel now alternates colours so that they're easier to read.
  • The display of life bars for party members can now display reserved life values.
  • While on the ground, gems with quality are now marked "Superior".
  • You now don't get disconnected for linking too many items in chat too fast. You will still be muted for spamming them.
  • The information that is put on the clipboard when you hover over and item and press Ctrl+C now includes socket information and itemlevel.

Balance Changes:
  • Increased the damage of Incinerate by 12.5%.
  • Added Cyclone (which is level 24) to the quest rewards for the Marauder, Duelist and Templar (at the Normal difficulty "Lost in Love" quest), the Shadow (Cruel difficulty Hillock quest) and the Ranger (Cruel difficulty Brutus quest).
  • There are now four Energy Shield passives behind Chaos Inoculation. There are three 8% additional Energy Shield nodes and a new notable (Infused Shield), which adds a 20% multiplicative Energy Shield bonus.
  • Life Gain on Hit is now scaled by the Damage Effectiveness of a skill.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible for Increased Item Quantity/Rarity supports to stack too many times under some conditions.
  • Fixed a bug where you would not be told why you couldn't drop items with microtransaction effects on their gems.
  • Restored the PvP arena that uses the Ship Graveyard tileset, now that bugs with it are fixed.
  • Renamed the one-handed Ezomyte Axe to Butcher Axe, because the name clashed with another item.
  • Fixed a bug where you can't vote in a bandit fight if you portal out and back in again.
  • Fixed problems with the PvP announcer voice occuring at the same time as death screams.
  • Fixed some discrepancies between Nessa's text and her audio.
  • Fixed a problem with the visibility of sewer map nodes in higher difficulties.
  • When you get the Emperor's Road quest, the map is now updated correctly in all difficulties.
  • Fixed a bug where Hargan might not give you the Act Three sewer quest.
  • Reduced the size of the Bandit and Blackguard blood.

If you like this patch, please consider supporting us so that we can make many more!
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Screw you Qarl :P

Also, HURRAY!!!!

EDIT: Now that I've actually read everything.

1) Nice to see you've done something with CI. However, it would appear that this isn't really what you want. Since you stated you wanted to keep ES (boosts) and CI separated, which clearly didn't happen. So, back to square one I guess.

2) TY for finally making the quality gems "superior". Been waiting for that one.

3) Still happy about the vendor changes.
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cool beans
IGN: Xiandrii
Timezone: London, GMT
is this live already?
Live Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/menthur
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nice incinerate buff!
ign = ultrahiangle
Chris wrote:
Life Gain on Hit is now scaled by the Damage Effectiveness of a skill.

Oof, this is a big change that doesn't look like a big change.
pneuma wrote:
Chris wrote:
Life Gain on Hit is now scaled by the Damage Effectiveness of a skill.

Oof, this is a big change that doesn't look like a big change.

Probably has more to do with cyclone than whirling blades.
Yay ES/CI boost, my es chars always feel rather weak compared to hp/bm builds :(
Sweet ES boosts for CI, was planning on running cyclone on a CI shadow when it drops, now I'll have more survivability :). Just gonna make a mara today and breeze through to a3 to get the gem tomorrow for the shadow. I'd rather he not have to press on till cruel to get his main AoE.

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