Game crashes when you hit bloodline mob packs

hopefully gets fixed soon
Last bumped on Mar 18, 2019, 5:23:15 AM
having the same crashes when encountering bloodline packs, seems like it sometimes happens with soul eater rares as well but not sure. game is basically unplayable at the moment for me.
im having the same issue too , and i sometimes crashes in abyss mobs
same :(
Same here, game crashes without any errormessage. Especially in a memory this is really frustrating and keeps happening on some but not all bloodline packs.
I've been crashing every map or two, didn't really see a pattern until I saw this thread. Here's pictues of two crashes, seems like it is related to blue packs as you say.

What builds are you guys playing? I thought maybe it was related to herald of ice or elementalist ascendancy stuff, since I didn't crash until I got to end game.


EDIT: Crashed a few times due to regular blue monster packs, not just bloodline ones.
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I also opened a thread about this couple of days ago which didn't really draw much attention. It just happened again so i was here to bump the thread but i guess we can continue here.

The Thread;

Latest crash;

Getting this ALL THE TIME!!!
Same issue here. ALl servers are overly laggy today too. Not sure what the deal is :/
After some experimenting I can say its not related to Bloodline Mobs. Had crashes with both rare and magic packs aswell.

However it seems it happens more often, when I chrage into packs that are about to blow up.

Deactivating Herald of Ice seemed to help. I did not have a single DC since after that. Its just been an hour though and playing Elementalist without HoI is kind of wierd...

Would be nice if we could see a hotfix for this, since playing anything that can blow up under your charakter leaving all the loot behind is pointless atm.

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