[3.6] Low Budget - 10 Curse Winter Orb CI Occultist - 6.8 mil Shaper DPS. VIDEO BUILD GUIDE

akavangop wrote:
I'm enjoying the build so far (LVL 66 yet)
My thoughts- if we drop to 6 curses, that's still 4M dps, but the QOL with instant effigy is insane (-1 button press for manual curse)

2. can you please suggest some spells that would benefit from the interaction, but be more ST-oriented? I like farming lab and need a skill to 1shot izaro and not the screen around.

3. I'm having problems with POB. Importing my char only takes into account 1 curse in the D's skin. On the other hand your pob takes into account all the curses, even when swapping a chest :) HOW?

1. You don't actually have to use the extra curses while you map - I only ever use them on bosses, so I socket all my utility and charge generation in the Skin. I really think the build feels MUCH nicer if you have Warlord's Mark, Poacher's Mark and Temp Chains as part of the effigy, but getting 3 off-colours on a 5 socket Skin can be a bit of a waste of currency.

2. Probably shouldn't bother with CwC until you have a 6-link. Izaro is perfectly manageable with just Winter Orb damage, but you need to get your conversion items up, first. Realm Ender and Pyre are fairly cheap and very effective. It might be possible to find a substitute for Realm Ender either as another staff or rare gloves, but it is very unlikely that they will be cheaper. Also, don't be afraid to pick up casting speed here and there, it feels great on Winter Orb. Flasks are also an easy source of DPS - Atziri's does great damage with conversion builds (it almost double dips for us), Diamond Flasks are great for crit builds and Rotgut is a cheap way to zoom your ass across the map, if you have frenzy charges. Writhing Jar is there to trigger your "recent kill" chaos bonus for bosses (haven't had to use it just yet), while Vaal Breach is the more expensive option.
Damn this sound nice but looks slooooooooow

Can you get more videos at higher maps and difficulty also? Coz maps <11 Tier don't rly give and big danger to show if the build is rly good or not
Tusk_Luv wrote:
Damn this sound nice but looks slooooooooow

Can you get more videos at higher maps and difficulty also? Coz maps <11 Tier don't rly give and big danger to show if the build is rly good or not

I'm finally up in to some reds so I'll make a few more videos today. It is not slow at all! I probably have no move speed boots in the videos. It clears full screens in seconds, thanks to profane bloom, even in red maps, and is a great boss killer too, which I wasn't expecting. I'm currently using a rotgut and phase run to get around very quickly.
I have elder on a t15 I don't think I can handle it, I already had problems with a synthesis 80 boss: low damage on my part and some oneshots. Could you take a look at my gear and give me some tips please? :D
A 5 link would help but I still can't craft it :(
It's a great build and I'm loving it, thanks for sharing it!
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It looks like you're only running 6 curses. You should run 10! That's what makes the build work. You'll need whispers of doom to do so, but it's worth it. Despair alone will give you 15% to 20% more damage when you have your malediction stacks going. Other curses will give you at least 8% more damage. With that suffix on your amulet, it will be even more than that. You could be doing 50% more damage by taking whispers of doom, getting 6 socket chest (30c), and adding some more curses in your gear.

You really want to put 3 curses in your gloves, and then put one in your helm for +2. Cast that and the 3 in your gloves will go off as well. It takes .25 seconds to get 10 curses down, and the build is all about cursing.

You should also put flame dash, faster casting, and arcane surge in the helm. You can level it pretty high. Mine is lvl 15. It's a lot of extra damage.

Get a warlords mark, poachers mark, despair, and frostbite in your gear and you'll be much better off.

Don't craft a 5 link on your staff. Just buy it. I think I bought one for 25c.
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Looks quite intersting, will give this a try with my next character for sure.
Thanks for sharing it
Updated with some changes, and full links.
We need some videos of red maps, please.

I want to see how fast you can clear maps since that's what really matters to me.

Also isn't capping your resistances a pain in the ass if you're using that many uniques?
Capping resists is no problem with 4 rare slots. I have already captured some reds. Doing up to t13's now. Haven't gotten any T14 yet. Will upload some videos soon.
Doing this build in Synthesis SC.

Overall mapping is really quick, even though I had concerns after seeing the OP's video. Basically just keep 2-4 stacks of Winter Orb and run through packs dropping effigy on them. You can just use Inc Duration + Faster Casting for smoothness and still one-shot packs.

The true nemesis of the build are totems, The Goddess from Plaza Map and betrayal doors -- they all can't be cursed.

Shaper down on 5L, you might want to use Writhing Jar to trigger Malediction.
Red Elder is even easier, because he constantly summons trash.

Overall very balanced and strong build on low budget.
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