Kenzhin wrote:
atm i'm using a 6l sire of shards and a kaom's hearts. The damage are amazing, if you guys want a little bit more single target damage, change to wand/sceptre with a shield(+1 max totem)

I used sire of shards too, but I changed to 1h sceptre and ES shield, which gives me more damage due to the crit and spell damage on the weapon and shield.

Pemm1974 wrote:

Using this (for now). Now cheap in standard :/

I like the shield :)

Severinze wrote:
I’m trying to figure out where to go next with my build. My damage is ok. Not impressive, but decent. However I feel especially squishy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I do have exactly the same problem. Feels super squishy. I am right now level 71 and following the build like in the guide, but I keep dying even in tier 1-2 maps and my damage is ok. I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I never really died in tier 1 or 2 maps before. Survivability is kinda terrible with that build.

I can't link my items since I play on ps4, but I have 33k dps, 2,6k life, 1,3k ES, res max. crit chance 32%, crit dmg 275%. The skill tree I use is exactly the one linked in the first post (leveling skill tree part 4, since the other trees doesnt work). I use 6L infernal mantle, rare wand, rare es shield, rare rings and amu, rare boots, aurseize gloves, perandus blazon, rare circlet. I focus on life, spell dmg, mana, res and crit chance on my rare items. As ascendancy class I have chieftain and the first two nods = Ngamahu and Hinekora.

What the hell am I doing wrong? I die so often in low maps and the damage is not really great for tier 1-2 maps :/ . This really feels like one of the weakest builds I have played so far :(, sorry I dont wanna offend anyone, that's just how it feels like when I compare this build to all the other builds I have followed till now. I read that people here in the previous league went to the endgame with this build, so I must do something wrong, but I cant figure out what :/
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So... the only itens request for this build is fhe amor and the ring ? all the outher things is your chose ?
Currently running this build. Very different playstyle, maybe that is why people are struggling.

You are supposed to be squishy. Your not the dmg dealer. Your totems are glass cannons. You place them and run away. This build was designed to be played exactly like that. And to cast Flammability to add some extra dmg. If you check my gear, I am pretty much halfway through the full setup (stuff is rather expensive this league) and am almost 80/151.

Currently following this build. Everything is fine and all, but im struggling to get extra dex for vaal grace & haste. Got a bit annoyed when i forgot about Tasalio ended up with 220 fire resist, had to re-make my entire set to maximize stuff.

Might try out tukohama soon. Cheers!
Hello. Why do you use Infused Channeling since the totem does not work?
Love the build, can you recommend a LOOT FILTER for this build?
Also, playing HC - what do I need to be most careful of?
Hello, which one is the correct pob link in the first page?
I started this build this week and just having smoked the King of Brine can say Im liking it. I only play Hc so Ive changed a few things up. Like i went with leap attack with fortify and orb with enfeeble curse on hit. Im only seeing 9.8k deeps when I hover my mouse over HFT but dps seems fine so far. Usually just cast 1 totem, leap in to get fortify and drop a Orb, then I leap back and apply another totem or head to the next pack if they are all dead. Only lvl 50 at the moment but havin fun. My character profile is open( TorchysTacos), if any 1 wants to see how Im playing it. Should I look for a specific Leg 1 handed mace or just a good random rare one.. Was considering Apeps but really not sure at this point... Cheerz!!
Are you HC enuff -- https://discord.gg/SEQUKAA
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2597935 - OFC CLAN
So a few things

1. The PoB doesn't quite match up with the PoE planner links?

2. And no essence worm in the PoB, is that recommended for the build or not?

3. I dont think you'd want to run this in HC, looking over it has very little phys damage reduc with low life, obviously you'd need to slot in fortify here but even still it seems very squishy
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Is this variant Uber elder viable?

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