[3.7] Champion Ice Spear Totem (Lazy Build For Delve 1000+)

Going to try this as my league Starter in 3.6.
When will you be fleshing out the rest of your gems and various other link, auras, etc?
I wanna make Ice Spear totems as my league starter but Im not sure if I should go with this build or the scion version.

If Im not interested in pushing very deep into delve but I prefer bosskilling (shaper/uber elder) what would be better?

+1 totem and +1 projectile is very tempting on scion but Im not an expert so not sure how the overall build plays compared to this one.

Also would really like to see some videos with crap strating gear.
WoowowowowowowoW this build its amazing shotgun! I didn't search for another one build for league starter seeing these <3

Its possible to make a simply leveling tree please? Its make for me more comfortable leveling.

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Since Betrayal is over, my character is on standard, and I don't want to touch standard with a gazillion messed up stashes, so no more videos, sry! XD

Mathil made a leveling guide for Ice Spear Totems, his build is slightly different from mine, but leveling is pretty much the same, and you can see him doing bosses with very cheap gear. My build and gear is more for end game, and built for tanking every boss face-on.

i am considering starting with ice spear totems, but originally as Ascendant or Hierophant. then i found your guide which is really interesting and impressive!

two questions come to mind at first:

will the damage as Champion be good enough for red maps with cheap(er) league starter gear? (tabula, no empower, etc)

how do you think about adding the new Chain or Fork gem for Clearing?
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Champion makes taunted enemies take 20% more damage, which is on par with Ascendant or Hiero damage. But Champion is just so much more tanky.

Use a 5 link Soul Mantle instead of Tabula. Soul Mantle self curse can give up to 260% increased spell damage with Self-Flagellation jewel, this is where a huge chunk of your initial damage comes from before getting other good gear. If you have all the stuff listed in Starting Gear, you can do red maps easily.

Do not use Chain or Fork. With 5-6 totems out, most of the Ice Spear projectiles will turn into second form which always pierce, so will never chain or fork. Since your totems will taunt enemies, space them out so you get more hits in second form.
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Hey there, looks like a great build!
However, I've seen similar builds with GC and FP, why do you prefer Ice Spear?

PS: what about going handcasting instead of totems, with the new stuff this season?
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Well this is totems build, it's completely different from handcasting so you have to choose what you like.

As for why use Ice Spear Totems, here's a damage breakdown.
Total damage is MULTIPLY of the following:
1) Number of hits per second
2) Base Damage + Added Damage
3) Increase Damage from tree and gear
4) More Damage from support, curses, tree
5) Crit Damage from crit chance * crit multiploer

Ice Spear Totems breakdown:
1) 100 hits per second from 10 projectiles, 5 totems, 2 casts per second (SS rank)
2) Pretty high base damage, 80% added damage effectiveness (A rank)
3) Standard caster gear and 260% increased from Soul Mantle Self-Flagellation (A rank)
4) Not a lot of More Damage support gems since using GMP and Multi Totems, curses help somewhat. (C rank)
5) 600% increased crit and 57% crit multi built into gem. (SS rank)

Totem playstyle gives crazy hits per second, Soul Mantle takes care of increased damage, and the gem itself takes care of crit. This is where the crazy high damage comes from, all other investment can go into life and defense.
Can you please clarify, what is possible for this build at each gear stage,to better understand it limits? And would you suggest it,if my goal is to do 36 challenges in first 2-3 weeks with only one character? Last time i played arc trapper and did all content with minimal investements and effort, but now wanna try something a bit different.
Playing with the PoB:

-928k boss dps
-Immune to elemental ailments
-18% phys reduc
-56% evade

-555k boss dps
-Fortify (20% less damage from hits)
-34% phys reduc
-64% evade

Can't see much other differences. While surely in 1k delves the defense helps, for most content is it worth dropping to 60% of your DPS for ~30% defense increase? Or is there any other reason Champ is better that I'm missing?

It seems the main difference is giving up a support gem for Multiple Totems. I'm interested in trying this out but just want to evaluate options :)
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