[3.6] Champion Ice Spear Totem (Lazy Build For Delve 1000+)

Go Where No Other Champion Has Gone Before.

Why This Build:
If you want to do all game content with 1 button, have high ping, don't like to aim, or just feel too lazy to dodge boss attacks, this is the build for you.

Bread And Butter:
This build lets you throw down 5-6 totems, each can deal 1mil cold DPS and shatter every mob up to a screen away.
Enemies are blinded, chilled/frozen, hindered, enfeebled, and taunted by totems.
You have 7-8k life, fortify, cannot be stunned, and just run around picking up loot.


This is normal DPS per totem, without using vaal RF or vaal haste. This will be even higher in 3.6.


Uber Elder for the slow and clumsy https://youtu.be/Tx1C-tdPSGs

8 mode Mino map clear https://youtu.be/Kyc3lt9zcnM

T16 Ele Reflect No Regen 3 Incursions https://youtu.be/UhEpcOldHM0

Long Delve Depth 1236 with crazy mods https://youtu.be/ROC8W3MbVCA

Breach in Depth 1241 https://youtu.be/5XuMl10VQp8


Blood Magic. Ice Spear costs a ton of mana, so letting life regen cover mana costs makes running map much more relaxing.

Totems. Some love it, some hate it. It does allow you to do any map mod in game though, just Alc Vaal And Run T16 without looking.

No Fancy Explosions. Ice Spear works like a machine gun to maul down enemies, so no flashy full screen explosions. Clear is pretty fast, totem can destroy full screen of mobs in no time.

3.6 Life Is Good:

Ice Spear gets a slight damage boost, while all other popular damage spells get nerfed.

Hatred aura now gives more cold damage, pair that with Hatred Watcher's Eye and this build gets even crazier.

Delve now has better reward deeper down, but all the immune cheese builds are nerfed, so this build stands to make big money delving.

Starting Gear:

This basic gear will get you started on the build. 5 Link on soul mantle will work. Can do most content in game with this.

Power-Up Gear

These will increase damage and tankiness greatly. Enfeeble is preferred curse since the build never lacks DPS. Enfeeble lowers enemy damage, which actually allows the totems to tank everything easily.

Ultimate Gear

Replace Tukohama shield with Atziri's Reflection frees up the 2 ring slots, which allows us to add 1 curse on hit ring (frostbite from delve or assassin's mark works too) and an essence worm ring for Hatred aura.

Hatred gem in 3.6 has more cold damage. Add any Hatred Watcher's Eye for huge dps boost.

Damage stick and double corrupt soul mantle for even more damage.

Other Gear Slots:

Helmet: Any helmet with high life is fine, and Ice Spear enchant works well too.

Gloves: Curse on hit is very good. Elemental weakness curse on hit also works. Tombfist got nerfed but Command of the Pit survived somehow.

Belt: Any belt with high life works. Good Stygian works very well.

Boots: Any boots with high life and movement speed works. The elemental penetrate enchant is huge damage boost.

Flasks: Dying Sun increases damage by a lot. Diamond Flask helps to cap crit chance. If you can get your cold resist higher than fire resist even with Dying Sun active, you can use Wise Oak for more damage too.

2 required unique jewels, 1 abyss jewel with hinder on spell hit. Then just fit in any jewel with high life, cold/spell/global crit multi, resist or cast speed.

Skill Tree, Ascendancy, POB

Champion Ascendancy
Unstoppable Hero + Fortitude to get Fortify, Cannot be Stunned, free defense and evasion.
Conqueror + Worthy Foe to get totem taunt and enemies take 20% more damage.

3.5 Triple Curse Ultimate Gear

3.6 Starting + Power-Up Gear with 6 Totems

3.6 Atziri's Reflection + Hatred Watcher's Eye Gear
(Waiting for new gems on POB...)


Level with Freezing Pulse that gets buffed in 3.6.
Path to Ancestral Bond, place Freezing Pulse on totems.
Assemble Starting Gear set, especially the soul mantle.
Only switch from Freezing Pulse to Ice Spear after lv50 with all Starting Gear complete.


Can this be used as league start build?
For trade league, definitely. The Starting Gear uniques are pretty common, so doesn't require too much farming. I started farming Uber Elder on day 3 of Betrayal with this build.
For SSF, no. There is no guaranteed way to farm Soul Mantle and Rain of Spinters. Only use this build if you already have them.
For Hardcore, the first 70 levels is actually the hardest part. Once the build is set up and fortify is up, all bosses in game become easy.

Why Champion?
Champion is broken OP. Permanent Fortify makes life easy. Stun immune without using Unwavering Stance means blinded enemies will hardly hit you. Taunt on hit works on totems, so mobs don't target you, and mobs taunted by one totem deal 20% less damage to other totems and you.

Why Ice Spear Totems?
Ice Spear projectiles can shotgun a mob. Each cast fires 10 projectiles (2 base + 2 Rain of Splinters + 4 GMP + 2 Dying Sun). Each totem casts twice per second, so with 5 totems it's 5*2*10 = 100 hits per second.
Ice Spear has +600% critical chance and +57% critical multipliers built in, so we can get full crit with minimum investment and spend more points on defense and crit multi.

Why Soul Mantle?
Extra totem, increased totem life, built in spell totem support are all godly. Even the self-curse is good as using the Self-Flag jewel gives upward of 260% increased spell damage, almost doubling our DPS.

Why Multiple Totem Support?
Multiple Totem Support gives -20% damage, so using a normal +45% damage support in it's place will up displayed damage from 1 mil DPS to 1.8 mil DPS per totem.
So why use it? Well this gem is primarily used for delving. Dropping 2 totems per cast helps soak up mob damage, having 5-6 totems active helps with clearing, and quality increases totem placement speed. So this gem greatly increases quality of life.
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Hey there,
I'm very tempted to start the new league with your build, the minigun totems look freaking hot.

May I ask for a little more elaboration on the leveling process?
Like intermediate leveling trees, where to path, which early links to pick up.

That might help alot.
Thanks in advance
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The starting tree looks like this. Just work your way from starting area up to Templar area and finally grab the Ancestral Bond keystone.

I usually level with freezing pulse, but for the first 30 levels, you can also go with a melee weapon and use Reave + ancestral protector.
I guess I´ll give it a try.
Will the tree be updated until league start?
(Also the above starting tree.. that would really help.. or is it already?)

Thx in advance and 4 the build. :)

nice build waiting for the pob link :) im going to play this can i use sunder before level 30?
Made 3.6 POB link for Starting + Power-Up Gear with 6 Totems

Still waiting for new Hatred gem to make the other POB.

Sunder works fine for leveling, can use that up to lv50 probably, although you will probably take the attack speed and physical damage nodes at Dualist starting area and respec later.
How much different is this from Frostbolt totems?
Hey is there a chance you could do a shaper kill with some weaker gear, you said you were farming uber on day 3 so I'm curious how well it does without the op gear.
Hellcat638 wrote:
Hey is there a chance you could do a shaper kill with some weaker gear, you said you were farming uber on day 3 so I'm curious how well it does without the op gear.


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