[3.9][HC/SC] Soulrend Trickster - Fast mapper with great defenses (League starter/All content)

Will be playing SSF trickster for the first time this league. Came across your guide and it looks like i'll be playing this as my starter. Will follow for updates.
The path of building link is updated.
Addressing some of the questions in the thread:

HoschiBro wrote:
Fenumus' Toxins would be really good for best use of power charge
This is not a poison build, nor one that focuses on power charges. This helm gives no life or mana, so we're losing survivability.

HoschiBro wrote:
Decay should be set as support now after the change.
We can get decay(500dmg dot) from a rare crafted weapon in the late game. There's no point in wasting a gem slot.

ThunderBiome wrote:
https://tinyurl.com/y3tjzmly Got this path suggestion from Perrythepig
It's good for CI es version of the build.

ThunderBiome wrote:
but what do you think of Eldrich Battery to protect the mana for our MoM?
I have this version in mind as well, should be decent with the new ghost dance and escape artist. The innate 4% es leech from soulrend can help with the es sustain while we're in combat. Unfortunately we have to drop acrobatics+phase acrobatics if we take EB, but running grace as a second aura and dropping the essence worm should give us around the same survivability. Despair curse Impresence amulet is also a really good choice, this way we can drop the witchfire brew flask and take one more utility flask.

Regarding the gem levels: Soulrend(lvl28) is A3 reward for killing Gravicius and Malevolence aura(lvl24) is A3 reward for completing the quest Lost in Love.
[3.8][HC/SC] Soulrend Trickster - Fast mapper with great defenses - forum/view-thread/2333153
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Love it! Gonna give a try. Thanks buddy
Added new Life+MoM+EB version of the build, check the path of building links.
[3.8][HC/SC] Soulrend Trickster - Fast mapper with great defenses - forum/view-thread/2333153
Think this will be endgame viable?
if you use the escape artist version you can go for cool stuff such as cospri's will and still gain a good amount of es while getting 1 extra curse if you wanna use bane to curse enemies. + you got that instant recharge of es if you didn't get hit recently which means that you should never lack of es even if you reserve all your mana once paired with es leech from soulrend... seems pretty strong. Vertex become a VERY good helmet and you get the perfect sockets for your bane setup with the +1lvl. you could end up with higher evasion and more auras and curses usable at the cost of some ehp from not using cloak of defiance. I think i'll go in that direction
How would a CI version affect this build?
You think it could be viable late game but not as a league starter?
Im really curious if you could make a CI version
Could you please update the leveling trees with the new skill tree?
I'm still a bit worried how soulrend, as single dps spell will handle bosses....because right now we don't know how much dmg the proj hit will do nor the dot. I hope we have some numbers before the league, it's hard to decide what to play to start
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I imagine switching GMP for slow Proj will be mandatory whenever you go up against a boss, for starters. Wither totesms will help of course.

ED and Soulrend will both benefit from the same nodes on the tree and the same support gems for the most part, so it's not entirely unfeasible to level with one, while having the other in the weapon-switch to give it XP as well. Then you can switch between them - Soulrend for clear, ED for bosses. Not the smoothest way of doing things, but not unbearable.
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