[On Hold] Storm Brand Inquisitor - Beginner Friendly - SSF/League Start Viable - All Content

Why do we take Blood Drinker?

Does Storm Brand count as attack damage for the life leech?
What about using Swiftbrand Support instead of faster casting?
So is the author gonna actually update this at all for this league or improve the guide at all?
Any recommendations to make this build usable in HC?
Is Choir of the Storm more of a luxury item? I nabbed one up but I'm unsure if the extra damage is worth the reduced life (I already capped resists).
This is so well made. Thank you so much <3
This is so well made. Thank you so much <3
Hi. This build is good in 3.13? At 1lvl? To make leveling with it and maybe to map t8-10 with same (rare item) build?

I ask..because i started a new build not this..and at lvl 46 broked..and the build autor sayd that he cannot help in leveling..because this is not leveling build..only 70+
Very good and structured guide. One of the best detailed in leveling guide.
What I miss a bit is newer Kill Videos, latest is 3.9 metamorph and I don't see any Sirius kills.

Maybe with end of Ritual League: An Sirius and Maven kill video :D

Still insane how you alawys get the Bottled Faith Flask really early in the league.


Hey first of all great Guide. My Question about playing with Shield and One Handed. Do i need more Points into Block or it is just fine.

What do you think about the Magna Eclipsa as a Shield and Doryians Zepter?

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