[On Hold] Storm Brand Inquisitor - Beginner Friendly - SSF/League Start Viable - All Content

Amazing guide, really well done.
Trying it now in SSF. Seems really solid.
Hey, thanks for the guide, especially the focus on ssf / not needing to buy everything. :)
if SB makes it to 3.6 this seems like one of the top tier starters
Thanks for the guide, I've been wanting to practice a league starter and this seems like a solid choice.

Here is an updated pastebin with the different levels:

I've been playing this in SSF and it's going well so far. Agreed that Storm Brand seems a bit too easy to play. A lot of the time the trouble I'm having is standing around not doing anything!

Three questions

1. I've noticed other Storm Brand builds also using Hypothermia in the links. Will this requires some cold spell damage in your build in order to activate (you have one abyss gem with cold spell damage)

2. I started the character because I had picked up a 6L Eclipse Staff (SSF) but unsure how to craft it to beat any wands/daggers/shield combination. Is it even viable to play staff, and would there be any way to improve it with the skill tree?

3. I haven't picked up acrobatics yet, and wondering how useful it is. All my gear is AR/ES and I'm wondering if it's going to be worth all the points (I always play acrobatics on EV characters)
crit changes alone make INQUIS a better choice now; unless they nerf S/brand this is my league starter right here. With conc ground changes and holy skills you could swap over to holy if it's super OP
Brands being "adjusted". RIP.
Storm Brand
Mana Cost at gem level 20 is now 21 (was 20).
Now deals 2 to 7 Lightning damage at gem level 1 (from 3 to 8) and 75 to 225 Lightning damage at gem level 20 (from 97 to 290).
Now has an added damage effectiveness of 30% (from 35%).

How bad will this impact the build ?
It's roughly a 20-25% nerf, i'd say it's still very good.
Do the new support gems or consecrated ground buffs benefit this build in any way?

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