0.10.2 Patch Deployment Schedule

Can't wait!
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Great news, keep up the great job! ;)
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cant wait
Winterfury wrote:
anyone know when is it in est/pst time zone?

New Zealand is 21 hours ahead of Pacific time and 24 hours ahead of East Coast time in the US. So, "Thursday worktime" in NZ is Wednesday work time in New York, and about the same on the West Coast.

In other words, the patch should be posted today. :)

Half right. NZ is 21 hours ahead of Pacific time. However, the US East Coast is ahead of PST, so EST is only 18 hours behind NZ. Their workday is our evening, on the US East Coast.
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Cannot wait, thanks for being awesome!
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Wow, that's just amazing...although this patch is going to be delayed by 1cay, the next patch will still be on time next week...that's also insane, 4patches in 1month. crazy. GGG best game hosts!
Really looking forward to it. Keep it up, guys.
Awwww, thought it was released today.
Looking forward to it!
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plz patch alrdy
plz patch alrdy
plz patch alrdy
plz patch alrdy
plz patch alrdy
plz patch alrdy
plz patch alrdy
plz patch alrdy
plz patch alrdy

tl;dr : cant wait
I am dying to see a picture of the revised duelist tree.

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