0.10.2 Patch Deployment Schedule

I was asleep at the time of deployment but if it was one of the usual rolling released GGG probably started deploying it on time. You just never noticed until it was deployed and ready for download.

It's an awesome way of patching and those of us who've been around for a while have seen a lot of those "a new patch is ready for download" messages in game after which you could patch without ever having downtime. Of course in terms of communication people will expect a deadline to be for when you finish, rather than for when you start.
Added useless manaring near duelist = -1 skill point in build to reach life, -4% of life because 12+8 != 8+8+8, removed from ALL builds except duelists armour master... great changes(
OMG, Lightning Arrow most ugly animated skill in PoE with new "animation"
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The Mortal Combat 2 sounds in PvP is the most enjoyable thing in videogame player vs player fighting, since the late 90's.
The new uniques awesome . Incinarate, a dissapointment for CI / non-Eldritch battery users. The Tiki Totem, one of the most beautiful ugly tribal arts in videogames.
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