0.10.2 Patch Deployment Schedule

Awesome! Can't wait :D Good job on the culling strike IIR/IIQ fix! =D

<3 you GGG
Great news :)
It's amazing, we will get new stuff almost weekly! I just hope, the devs will always keep quality before quantity. I'm fine with waiting longer for the new stuff, as long as it's good and tested :)

ps.: will we get some sneak peek about the new skill, or we will have to find that to see it like uniques?
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If you refund my Witch's passives due to the Duelist tree changes (I have some points down there) then I will make you an Iron Man build and submit it to Build of the Week.
Shippal wrote:
Qarl didn't cheat to get first on THIS one. ;)

Good to hear that it's all working. Are you sure about 10.3 being ready by early next week.

Well, he said in the middle of next week. I would guess Thourstday-ish.
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Delightful :x
yes well stop being such an exemplary game developer, makes a mockery of the time we have (all) expended until this time.
I'm delighted ! Great news ! :)

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Can't wait to see the new improved duelist tree :)
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Nice 0.10.3 next week already. That's awesome thanks GGG now my self found duelist will get a much needed power boost.
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