0.10.2 Patch Notes

JohnNamikaze wrote:
  • Berserking has been moved closer to the Duelist part of the tree.
  • The early Duelist life group has been moved onto the opening path and consolidated into 1% life regeneration, 12% maximum life and 8% maximum life.
  • The Armour Master notable passive has been removed, with its power added to the Leather and Steel nodes.

Hmmmm, my Maruader is going to get hit quite a bit in the passive tree with these changes. I got like 12 passive skill points invested in those.

These respecs had better be total respecs...
Nessa's new dialogue is really, really good.

She was the weak link imo and now she's a much more fleshed out character -- as is the Exile, through her.

I guess I may be one of the few dedicated fire trappers around, so that early game nerf is going to hurt but I'll live. It really is a strong-ass skill early game.

The ability to clear ignores in-game is long overdue and I want the hour of my life I spent manually removing all 100 people from my list last year back please. :P

Ctrl-up function will be very handy. Very very.

Curious about the new ranger dialogue. Figured everyone's was in and done. Interesting.

Well done with the Duelist overhaul.

Shadow next please? <3

This community really is unpleasant with its culture of elitism and victim-blaming. I blame TencentGGG for normalising these things. I really do.
Acceleration in my Duelist passive? Cant wait!
Also I woder how +2 melee range will work.
Does it affect Ground slam AOE?
Would really like to know where mana flows is moving to, My templar just invested into this passive. The reduction hit for 20 to 16 will be bad enough but it may no longer be accessible at all.
so does that mean only the skills affect will be refunded or a full passive reset i would think a full passive reset since it would literally fuck alot of peoples builds that use those
Very curious about the vendor recipe. High level rares giving regals? Gonna have to gather a few sets up to check that when the patch hits!
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I really hope you guys at GGG know about the object/NPC mouse-over bug. It's caused by minions of any sort. Though the door to Sarn from Vaal Oversoul's boss room can become un-clickable without minions present at any time. (It's a different issue)

Ever since mouse-over of minions had been removed, it has brought many issues along with it that I'm sure everyone has to have run into by now...

Fix please.
The 'notable' might and agility changes are just the ones near the dualist right? Or the ones in the centre?

Hopefully its not every might and agility passive cos my witch doesnt want to lose 20 dex and str which are just needed for gear and gem reqs.
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Will the buffs to skills apply to those already levelled up (i.e. a level 15 Cleave will get an additional 14% physical damage?) Or will we have to level up a fresh gem to get the additional damage?

Duelist changes look awesome btw, my mara will have fun picking up buffed Dervish and Acceleration.
some lovely changes to the dialogue, thanks

Nice effects too, waiting on duelist rework from the ground up

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