0.10.2 Patch Notes

YAYYYYYY Duelists are going to be epic after this patch!
Awesome patch , was super excited !

Keep it up GGG , Great job as aways.
tiki totemz!

"within 18 to 48 hours" hmm...that what

from the looks of it ranged duelists pretty much lose access to the life nodes?
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Gimme that Tiki Totem, NOW
Some decent updates in here...

There goes the popularity of multiboxing normal Vaal/cruel Merveil..
woooo duelist
Oh, so this is why ES is so horrible:

Gloves and Boots can now have up to the "Seething" increased energy shield mod. They were previously limited to "Radiating" and below.

I just read all over 10.0 and couldn't find a reference anywhere to you guys capping ES mods on specific items. At first I thought you guys just nerfed CI (rightly so), lowered ES values on gear, and nerfed discipline. However, apparently there was another nerf that I was unaware of....

So glad I'm building a new character. What you guys have done to ES in general is atrocious.
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still no new cosmetics for melee ... oh well ...

but in addition you get a new spell and immediately the new cosmetic ...

dont know what to say.
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