0.10.2 Patch Notes

Looks great.
I will see what all this looks like tomorrow! :)

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Still no fix to Blood Rage? =/
Qarl wrote:

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can we get an updated skill tree planner so we can plan builds before the patch goes live
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Fixed a bug where Shield Crabs would not drop items when they died if they were hit by enough cold damage to freeze them and kill them in one hit, if they were not already frozen.

Omfg, my incessant harassing about that bug paid off. So many times I've been told by the devs "no no, it works fine..."

I'm happy.
Regarding the nerfing the alchemists...I don't understand why they had to be nerfed on lower difficulties. They do almost no damage at low difficulties, even if you had taken NO life passives. I can sit in poison clouds for quite a while, with only 200hp.

The main issue with Alchemists is in later difficulties, where they're damage goes way up in comparison to your max health, especially when it's difficult to get chaos resists. I think they needed a nerf in later difficulties, not earlier ones.
The quest reward for the Kraityn quest on Cruel difficulty has been changed from 4% to 6% increased attack speed.

Finally my duelist can progress, thanks a million for the skill tree remake+respec :D
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