3.4.3c Patch Notes

Haha GG on the taxi services.
I knew they were going to remove boss taxi, so glad I got that done as fast as possible. Good luck to everyone else, it's going to be insanely expensive.
Anyone can be a fast learner if you are patient enough to teach them.
Unbelievable... This is probably the first time I've ever seen such sheer level of incompetence and "we have no clue wtf we're doing but let's f*ck it up some more, trololol" from GGG and I've been with this game since day 1. It really makes me ask the question "Do you even play your own game/test your retarded "fixes/improvements" mid-league patches?" and this time unironically.

Here's a suggestion for your next 3.4.3d patch notes:

"Renamed the Delve league to "RNG frustration, oh, and Zana says "F&$K YOU, HAHAHA" league."

Honestly, wtf are you people thinking? "Frustration" doesn't translate to "improvement" and RNG doesn't mean "challenging". Every single patch so far this league has been a damn disaster - sulphite gain was stupid, you made it worse and few hours later you made it even worse, people helping others do the demented RNG "challenges" was frustrating enough already - NOPE - not good enough, let's destroy this too, oh and btw let's screw Zana mods just because why the hell not?

Whoever is behind managing this league's mechanics is either the biggest troll or the most incompetent twat ever.
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Ouch, think I've just been really lucky with RNG this league. I've had all the bosses/cities on my map.

The only thing I've only found one of is Delve Encounters IV, which I'm not gonna do cos I'm happy with 36.

Still, I dislike how RNG heavy these challenge leagues are getting. The focus should be on skill and difficulty not RNG.
Honestly judging past leagues it was clear then gonna remove the abuse of the glich to taxi to the boss. it happened before too. In addition , people were makign 50 ex + per hour if one person got aul.
Decreased the size of the label for the Crawler. This should help prevent accidentally clicking on the Crawler when trying to pick up items.
Finally. Thank you! People don't want large screen fillers that can appear during combat. Never ever! No matter if I can kick them with space.
It is like a bonnet flipping up at high speed... please! :)
Let's explore new playstyles - Play it your own way, not just like the others.
Testing the endgame performance before release date is totally overrated...
Kudos on fixing the bug that many abused to get challenge but how about increasing the odds ? Do you even know how rare those are? Insane RNG in challenges merely pisses people off, it does not help retention.

While its being brought up often it bears repeating since you often undertuned things and think its fine based on some mock up test (and you are quite often wrong...)

Also increase likelyhood of 2-3 nodes of sulfite in maps?
80% of my maps so far were 1 node only, while +- every single zone since act 7(not sure about 6) has 2 or 3 nodes.
hey GGG, ive done 36/40 in 8 of your past leagues but this time, i am super done after 24 and only one mapping character. the last few patches have just made the league less and less appealing to me and now you're even making these insane RNG fiesta 'challenges' harder, which just makes it easier to stop playing rather than making people want to play more.

delve could've been so good, but again it has suffered from a lack of testing and the feeling that it's a core mechanic already - delving at the equivalent mapping level uses sulphite way too quickly and the special encounters are way too spread out. i got to 300 with: 0 bosses, 0 4 socket resonators, the only "delve encounters" i completed was 1... hell i was happy just to find a currency node in the barren waste that seemed to be my delve seed. i'm level 96 and feeling like i barely saw any worthwhile new content... the RNG and grind just get ramped up every league.
ToTheMars wrote:
MrsDeath_ wrote:
delve encounters IV needs a fix please! ggg

Can only add to this.
There's no point in locking challenges behind "PURE RNG".
It's not fun nor does it benefit the game or players in any way.
In fact it does the opposite for me and many others on the forums, draining the people that care about challenges and bringing us closer to quit the league...

Please stop including "PURE RNG" challenges in your game and please rework this one!

Sign. :(
"Treat a man like a wild animal, and he will soon learn to bite."

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