Delve Costing Changes

If you want to encourage players to play higher content there is an
easy way to do it: just increase the droprate of higher level maps.
I had to buy lvl 14 + 15 maps on poetrade to get the fragments,
just frustating get stucked at tier 9-11 maps, ppl are happy that
with delve there is an alternative to the atlas, not everybody
is playing 30 maps an hour like some streamers.
This whole issue just further highlights how streamers kill games.
As streamers have a large audience game devs feel the need to keep the game "exciting" for the streamers and as such ruins the game for the actual player base that hasn't taken on gaming as a job. -- Yes streaming/playing games is your job, work isn't "fun"
All these tweaks are aimed at the people who are playing this game as a job and for the normal player it will always drive people away in the end.

Tweak the delve sulpite gains for the playerbase not 24/7 streamers. If they get bored it is not your problem as a game dev to keep them happy as they are way out of the norm for game use.
Baallerith wrote:
Why not simplify everything by changing the actual "variable" system by a "fixed" one?

Yes, I am suggesting a system like Greater Rifts in Diablo 3.

Example (and I'm just dropping numbers):

Maps tier 1-5: you get 1-2 sulphite fragments.
Maps tier 5-11: you get 3-5 sulphite fragments.
Maps tier 11-17: you get 6-10 sulphite fragments.

Each Delve run would need just one fragment, no matter its length.

"But this system would allow too much "delve autonomy"."
Jesus Christ. Just let people do whatever they want.

Half agree :3
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Noelahg wrote:
DoomCarpace wrote:
This might've been answered earlier but don't have the time to search all 27 pages. When the patch notes for 3.4.3b came out it talks of length 2 and length 6. Can someone tell me what that means?

Delves are basically a "grid", and up to 1 node spawns in each tile/square. a "2 length" would just be a node connecting directly to its neighbor (they're touching), where a 6 would be node - path path path path - node.

Thanks for the answer.
Sulphite can cause allergy-like reactions, most commonly asthma symptoms, sometimes allergic rhinitis, occasionally urticaria (hives) and very rarely, anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions). Wheezing (and occasional whinging and whining) is the most common reaction.

Ask your doctor if Sulphite is right for you.

How about halving (or more) the cost to go sideways, I see stuff to the side and think that looks interesting. oh will take me 20 maps worth of sulphide to get there, nope I'll just keep going down. The cost of sulphide takes away to capacity to explore and have fun
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wow you have to farm quarry very often now
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at first I liked Delve so much, but then it forced me to spend more and more time to not being in in Delve, so I am giving it up.
I am at depth 200 and really enjoyed exploring... please let us delve without having to be forced to spend hours of hours in maps...
Af hverju er ég til.

Stop eating animals now.
So, after seeing the quick response from GGG about the first patch, and yet another Sulphite re-balance, I had quite a lot of faith in GGG to understand the problem and re-balance accordingly.

After playing for some time tonight, I don't agree with the changes. I had other games I put aside to play Delve and I really enjoyed it, right up until the Sulphite changes. I never had to farm Quarry, I made it to Red Maps, and I had a pretty good balance between progressing on the atlas and exploring league content. Even with my dumb and probably weak build, which I knew for a fact wouldn't destroy any of the top tier content. But I was okay with that; and I've always been okay with that in every league I've played.

However, this league currently feels like Standard league. Previously, there was never any direct interaction with league content in maps, which was already an issue, but one which I felt was somewhat balanced by how often I could enter a Delve. That's gone now.

I'm disappointed because the changes make me feel cheated of the time I played before the changes.

I'm disappointed because the league content now feels gated even harder behind content that is not directly related to the league.

But maybe I am mostly disappointed because this recent manifesto makes me feel like I am not the target audience of this game, which... might really be true. That kind of hurts the most.

I know, I know. "GIT GUD," "It's called GRINDING Gear Games," "Red map sustain is EZ n00b" and all that.

But really, why would I want to get good at a game that feels like it doesn't want me as a player?
Third time's the charm, right? Or, maybe the folks who are pointing out that balancing exclusively to the .01% isn't a positive thing have a point. Just keep messing with the numbers, yeah? Like, maybe the number of hours I'm considering spending on this whack league.
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