3.4 Holy Shepherd-Dominating Blow+HoP-Shaper&Uber Atziri down (Videos)

Spectres: Enhanced Vaal Fallen
kilgorek wrote:
Spectres: Enhanced Vaal Fallen

If you are mapping for levels, ranged spectre with summon phantasm feels better for clearing, but I love seeing the BIG HITS from enhanced vaal fallen on bosses. It's feels too damn good.
kilgorek wrote:

Also, if its not too much to ask, how would you change this "3.4" build from phys to more elemental. Was thinking about rerolling as a necro that uses some form of shock to increase minion damage but releveling is a pain.

I can help a little. I am going to build my current char around Phys to Ele conversion. I personally believe that this approach is superior to other variants of this build (and I played them all :).

GEAR (BIS in my opinion)
helmet: Elder Base crafted with Essence of Insanity to get this sweet Ele conversion + double minion damage. Perfect lab enchant would be (in my opinion) +1 sentinel of purity.


simply becouse +maim and some nice HP


conversion phys to cold


no question about it - the scourge is nice but this is simply the best option


because of lv30 Herald of Purity. They scale insanely well with levels and 3L saves you lots of mana. @lv 30 Sentinels have like 60K+ hp and do some serious dmg.


for this +1 spectre

Spectres: Enhanced Vaal Fallen

and you are ready to go. this setup wrecks content.

jeez lvl 30 HoP sounds crazy. I did use soul taker as it dropped or was cheaper initially compared to scourge but when i switched, I seemed to have increased minion damage.

Was thinking about going necro ascendancy bc I like the spectre aids with dom blow, and just feel like the guardian is meant for HoP which I am not using much. But this is cool to see your build because you are taking advantage of the ascendancy.

But releveling a 3rd dom blow char in a row sounds silly in 2 leagues.
Ascendency progression image has expired sadly. What was the order?
Now that incursion is back, we can get some really nice action back in this build right?

I was thinking of going Incursion Minion weapon + arakali fang's + banner + haste.

Really thinking of doing a guardian again, enjoyed a lot in delve.
thanks for build !

But amulet i used Impresence, Physical

+(10-16) to all AttributesAdds (12-16) to (20-25) Physical Damage
+(400-500) to Armour
+(50-70) to maximum Life
(30-40)% increased Stun and Block Recovery
100% reduced Vulnerability Mana Reservation
Gain Maddening Presence for 10 seconds when you Kill a Rare or Unique Enemy

i thinks amulet very very best for your build ^.^
Just cooked up this bad boy today. :D

According to poe.ninja I'm now the highest level dom blow dude in Betrayal SC. Feels g00d. Going to try to march to 100 like a boss.
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Gescom wrote:
Just cooked up this bad boy today. :D

Nice one.


goal (still working on gear/gems):
3x6L spectres, 7L DomBlow, 5xlv30 Sentinels of Purity (with Empower4, and lv21 gem)
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Seems to work well.

Easier to get the corruption on ilvl 55 or less.
Some gameplay with current gear.

Red Elder

edit: sorry for the music in the background, obs recorded my Spotify... Amazingly it kinda fits the fight :)
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