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Hi guys,

I get asked a lot of the same questions every day. I'd like to periodically answer all the important ones in one place so that there's an easy reference for people to be sent to. Please post in this thread with your questions and I'll get as many as I can into a set of answers.

Some quick rules:
  • Please don't repeat a question someone else has asked unless it's a substantial improvement.
  • Please don't use this thread for discussion of the questions - just post the questions and don't reply to other people. I'm going to be reading through a lot of text and I'd prefer that if someone asks a bad question we don't have pages of people calling them an idiot.
  • Please only ask questions about Path of Exile and Grinding Gear Games. I'm not going to have time to talk about what we have for breakfast.

I'll probably let the thread accumulate questions for a couple of days before working out what we can answer. Please note that my answers may be relatively short but will contain as much of our specific reasoning as possible.
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any plans on making PvP more interesting? meaning involving at least some degree of player skill?

D2 kept me playing for 5 years because the pvp was fun and took SOME degree of skill (tele-namelocking)

I've quit PoE for now because I got bored 1 shotting every mob in maps on 4 different character builds, and the PvP has no skill involved
What are your long and short term plans regarding PvP?

If you can touch on cut-throat, and regular pvp as well I would appreciate it.

Thank you for the great game, by the way!
I recall the MTS saying there were plans to implement paid leagues as an eventual transaction. Is that currently a long-term plan (a matter of more than about a year or so), or is the infrastructure required to support it mostly in place?

EDIT: One other question. How do you think the big three defensive options are functioning in their intended bailiwicks? Not overall, but as a measure of what you want them to function well against internally.
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Ignoring time constraints, budget or common sense what feature would you most like to add to PoE?
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What are your plans in the current debate and problem about melee builds?
You said you are going to boost them.
Will this boost come only from the skill side, or some tweaks at armor/evasion are coming too?
Are there any plans for a /players type feature?
What are your top five priorities for the game's development?
Currently there are a lot of abilities that are very straight-forward or somewhat overlapping in function. Can you share with us any new mechanics you have in the works for future abilities? Any plans for more utility-oriented abilities?

Also, how do you feel about Auras in their current state?
Are there any plans to improve Armour scaling as damage increases? Elemental damage users do not fear reflect, as damage is mitigated by a set percentage by their own resistances, but for a pure Physical character, when you crit (big damage) your armour is basically pointless and you 1 shot yourself.

Any plans to make it so that Elemental resists are too powerful against reflect mobs, while Armour is basically pointless to have unless you have 5-7 Endurance charges?
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